Mood eternally suffering. I swear if i hear the word production one more time, i am gonna kill someone, we have been "trying to push to production" for this huge project for the past 3 mondays + today, everytime went shit.

From shit that should be made in the last minute(big changes), to missing reqirements from the client's side to misunderstanding between our team, leading to missing things due to the huge work load.

Someone just end my suffering already 🙃

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    @F1973 🔪
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    @Frederick Produktion?
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    We had moments like this, very stressful. I have one ticket that's been there since July and every movement from staging to production takes so fucking long because it needs this and that from another team. Production deployment sets in and another issue is discovered. Rollback, request the other team to fix their shit, and ticket is still alive. :/
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    @Frederick ... Det er lavt, selv for dig
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