So, the assignment handled out by my school wanted us to store certain data without the use of ArrayList.

So my dumbass decide to be like: "Alrighty then, this bitch right here gonna be using HashMap to store the data"

Lo and behold! gets deducted 41 points for using HashMap even though it's not specified in the assignment that it's restricted.

Fucking cocksucking school

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    I would be contesting that BS.
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    @Root just sent out an email to the lecturer. Going to provide feedback to the school.

    Honestly, if I'm any richer, I will so sue their ass
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    What an ass! How often are people fired bc the boss arbitrarily didn’t like the data structure used? Your professor being the brilliant developer should at least explain why hash maps are “evil” or take 41 kicks to his asshole
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    @d-fanelli basically my asshat lecturer finally replied to my email.

    And this is what he said.
    "The fact that ArrayList is stated as an example for "NOT TO USE", please do not try to go around it.

    All they have mentioned was not to use ArrayList. And not "do not use other data types such as ArrayList"

    Oh well. So done with this shiat.
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