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just having a stream of woke moments and thought i should share.

1. about IDEs. When someone tells you "you are wrong" , you ask them why. But when someone tells you "You are wrong, here's the correct way to do this" , you might not be as tempted to ask them why as to just accept their solution without much research.
in the latter scenario, you will end up like a robot with just mugged up knowledge base of things being fed to them .
Sometimes i think jetbrains have understood it and they are more and more trying to make me their robot bitch , when it highlights my code as yellow and wants me to change. Thus its very important to research and not just say "because my IDE gave me a warning for writing code like that"
2. About governments : I like cold fusion videos, and recently saw this one on huawei vs usa : https://youtu.be/HExhxPDOewE

Just having this thought that country government treats themselves like some billionare family elders and their companies like their children. They think that we are rich because of our children doing great business at home and outside and give motivational talks /leverages to their children (as in china giving tech talk about wanting to be world's most powerful by 2025 amongst its companies) .

They are equally jealous of other countries gaining power and don't wanna see them rise. Like USA thinking "I am giving business to china's son huawei. how come that china threaten my power by the money i gave it to them" and so it attacked china's child huawei.

The reason could be either being jealous/scared of other country's growth, being protective of their own country , some genuine concern or any other thing, but they would just make small scale wounds like this, not a direct blow or total cutoff.

3. about life. Every system is broken. Every person/place/thing you think you can rely on is unreliable. There is no certainty of anything and probability rules the world. You can either whine about it or adjust to it for your own personal growth.
I have always whined about how shitty my college is and how the teachers suck and not doing their jobs. That's a small part of reality : In actual, no one whom you expect to do you good is doing it correctly : government is super corrupt and ain't doing their job of keeping people safe and healthy, your parents might not able to provide you a stable future, your college might not teach you beneficial stuff, your partner might not give you as happiness as you want, NOTHING. keep whining about it and keep losing

But another point of view is redefining the expectations . YOU ARE A HUMAN WITH AN ABILITY TO HEAR ,THINK AND ACT . so that's what you should be doing. the whole world , your parents, your teachers, your government, everyone around you is supposed to give you directions and small tips that you are supposed to hear , research, think and act on them.

In that manner, everyone but you is doing their job correctly: For me, My college gave me shitty teachers, but they would provide labs with internet and books with buzzwords, and seniors with good paying jobs . I was supposed to use them to find a path in my life that would be interesting and paying .
The parents are not supposed to create an empire for their children, rather support them in their endeavors
The government um... i guess is supposed to be shitty? So that native small scale companies can grow, provide employment and let people generate revenues. Can't think much about that, woke moment is over


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    USA vs China has nothing to do with jealousy. They are planning to and will enforce their will on the world. They are posturing against Taiwan and India. They are constantly attacking via cyber attacks and are trying to poison the world with their brand of justice and control. They stole countless amounts of trade secrets from the USA and other countries. They are a rising aggressor with zero respect for human life.
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    @Demolishun Yeah i was actually trying not to focus on that point, shouldn't have added much about that. My main point was regarding the weird ways in which the diplomacies work amongst countries. I bet in 2030, USA and china will be best friends and in 2040 they will again be the worst enemies. Everything is just forgotten
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    I want to be friends with China, but I cannot stomach what they do to their own people.

    They have a wonderful and beautiful history and culture. Their writing itself is amazing. Hong Kong gave us Bruce Lee which changed the world. I foresee a time when shit stops being so adverse, but I fear what it will take to get to that point.
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    There is a phrase that goes something like:

    "It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in man."

    I don't know what your beliefs are, but it is valid if you liberally apply what your definition of "Lord" would be. Maybe "principle" would be a good generic substitute.
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    You can and should configure every IDE rule according to your code standard. Between integrated linting and editorconfig, and team configs you can even distribute this becomes automatic. It should be part of every teams code standard process, because convention and standards are important enough to codify by tooling, and engineer time is valuable enough to ensure the tools handle ceremony for them so they don't end up being rejected PRs.
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    Imagine if a bunch of rapey apes formed a society where their biggest problem was they just couldn't stop raping each other and they set about forming social systems to mitigate the rampant amount of rape.

    Thats us.

    We're that band of apes.

    When you consider that,... shit man, we're not doing too bad. We put an ape on the moon! And that's not too shabby for a band of rapey apes.
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    Everything is awful.

    But if you ignore the world and focus on making your life better, things are a little less awful — at least for you.

    That’s how I’ve been approaching life recently, and it’s been better. Less worrying about things I can’t change and expending endless effort trying anyway.
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    Good read, but don't agree, what a downer

    Your story would be a lot different if you were having a SO that you love, cherish and tap that ass.
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    Yeah I hate when ides give "suggestions" based on opinions. The squiggly bothers me and I think it's designed to torture me until I give in and do it their way.
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