can't get myself to do anything productive because there is so much to do but I'm so not organised right thing because there are many things to be done. trying to draw a timetable on notion and integrate with the calendar but I'm stuck. need to study my computer science books and work on .net projects consistently while having a life outside coding. gosh, I'm stuck, I need to use my time well. I need help ughhhh

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    Just start watching YouTube on sofa and that will pass some day.
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    hey, it's the same problem with me some weeks ago. What I did was write each task down and then add the small sub tasks. Prioritise and time bound each of it. While working on each sub tasks, do it with full focus. You'll be alright :)
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    @electrineer i agree that works. I'll do that
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    @true-dev001 i'm going to try this, thanks. i guess I was paying attention to big tasks without breaking them down
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