Dad's cousin visits us out of the blue to deliver something.

Let me explain you his character:
1. Dickhead: Looks and acts like it. You'll soon know why
2. Right winger: thinks everyone else except his side is corrupt and he'll save the nation by eradicating rest of us. He literally said that
3. Anti Vax: undergoes life saving surgeries and then bad mouths doctors who saved him for being illiterate
4. COVID-19 denier: I almost lost shit at this point because he puts our lives in danger by not wearing mask or following any rules
5. MLM member: you know where this is going, right? :|

So he starts brainwashing us on different health stuff and destroys our will to live. We all try to be polite and ignore the retard.

And somehow he gets the hint that we are into his healthy lifestyle. Next day (today), he shows up early morning with a bag full of MLM products and gives us an hour long monologue of how we are living a shit life and he is the one who'll achieve Nirvana because he uses those MLM natural products.

We are celebrating Diwali and these are some of our holiest days. We are not supposed to visit someone very early in the morning because everyone does some rituals and also not indulge in fights or arguments. Fucker ruined the new year day for us as the entire atmosphere got dull due to conflict.

He attacked our spiritual/religious beliefs and annoyed so much that dad lost temper and we literally had to kick him out. He still refused to leave and continued his pitch while his way out.

I was avoiding him all the time. However, this was 3rd or 4th time he pitched to us after multiple similar rejections in past.

How can someone be such a shameless ignorant human?

Fucking pathetic pig. I hope he rots in hell with his MLM stuff.

Do you now agree that he is a dickhead?

I have heard MLM is illegal. Let me research around it and take legal action.

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    He sounds like a total fucking asshole.
    You have my condolences my friend...
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    @SoldierOfCode Peace prevails!! ✌️
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    I agree with you, but peace is hard... *sigh*
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    What's MLM?

    Fuckhead. Sadly the dumbest found a place to to share their FUD and indulge in their zealotry.

    It's sad that those who pose the greatest threat to a peaceful living together have the loudest voice.
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    @IntrusionCM Multi Level Marketing aka Ponzi Scheme aka Pyramid scheme.

    What's FUD?
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    Hit him in the face
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    @IntrusionCM what is mlm? Machine learning machine ✌️😁
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    @IntrusionCM interesting. Thanks TIL.
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    @Devnergy I thought mature lovers mankini...
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    "GTFO my house" is the appropriate response kudos to your dad.

    MLM can be legal, and is in many cases. The point where it becomes illegal is when you falsify financials to show your productivity is greater than it is. It's always a shady business model, however.
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    @SortOfTested tough to prove it illegal in this case.
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    Personally wouldn't have an issue with #2 #3 #4 but the fact that he tried to get you into pyramid scheme and all of that on family holiday really is a dickhead behavior and I'm surprised you didn't kick him out sooner.
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    MLM ruins many relationships. It's a lot sneakier and disruptive than someone just trying to sell stuff. It's similar to a cult. People who believe in these products so much are brainwashed that they would fight their own families and friends for it.

    I'm glad your dad kicked him out. Hopefully, you never hear from him again.
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    @rutee07 yes, that's the right word, Cult.

    Cult full of cunts.

    We hope that too but not sure whether this idiot will show up again or not.
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    I could to some extent accept the first 2, but 3 & 4 made me hate that motherfucker.
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    What a PoS. As a relative of your dad he should know about your religion and traditions. Even if not, a simple "We are celebrating <Festivity> and do not want to be disturbed now" should suffice.

    But given your character description, that guy does not sound like a polite person...
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    First thing I'm thinking is that if this persons ideas are different then yours you can have very interesting conversations...
    But anyway, he is still your family,
    and unless he has offended you or hurt you (you don't have to agree with any of his opinions) try to be polite.
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    @granola hm. I think being polite would require a certain form of respect.

    ... And that his brother is everything disrespectful.

    Family. Well. Some people still wonder wether the stork dropped one as a baby or an alien experimented with human fertilization as family can be the biggest enemy.
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    invite me over comrade. I'll hit him for you.
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    What a pitiful guy. Without the self-awareness of metacognition, people cannot objectively evaluate their competence or incompetence.
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