Working in a company for a quite a long time now. I've been "granted" a team lead of one person title a year and a half ago, where I was working on my own projects for a long time. Half a year ago my coworker that's been working there much longer than me was promoted to a team lead as the team lead at the time stepped down(...).

I then was assigned to his team and a few other people were promoted where they got their own teams and new team members. Recently I asked for reinforcement for my work, and a new member joined today. He's working alongside me, but will require guidance still. I feel like I'll be a teamlead to him, even though my and his teamlead/manager is the same. My managed doesnt codw in the languages I do, nd works on his own stuff alltogether. I was added to a private slack channel where only team leads are added by one of the cofounders, and this teamlead/manager of mine isn't in that chat even.

I was added because I take care of a lot of other stuff besides specific development I do in the office.

I don't know, it just seems confusing. Why am I added to a teamlead chat when I'm not one? Kind of feel unrecognised when new people join after me and are made team leads pretty fast. I know my compensation is good. I'm happy im regards to that, but there are a few things where I feel like i'm not recognised. I'm thinking of jumping ship. Is this even a legit "reproach" I'm having? I feel like I'm overreacting and should work on my own projects and start doing more of my own shit than invest in a company where I don't get that much of a return besides financial compensation.

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