I am in so much shit right now... Giving away to my addictions , running away from good habits that i thought i will implement, completely wasting my frew time and on the verge of making mistakes if the office gave a pin worth of more work, preparing for an exam that i got failed in the last 2 years and hating every moment of it, and my personal projects lagging way behind.

Fuck , when would i get responsible ? Even while writing this, am wasting precious night hours in which am supposed to sleep. Fuck off you fat ass fuck, go to sleep , atleast do one thing right :/

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    Go talk to a psychiatrist if you can.
    Sounds like you're depressed?
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    Maybe you're just being too hard on yourself.

    Do you have an A-type personality?

    I do and I also loath myself if I can't accomplish the plans I made.

    But then I see my bf (who's lazy because of his INTP nature). Even in my worse day; I still accomplish more than him in his best day.

    Maybe you really need to take a break and go far away somewhere to get new perspectives.
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