Diwali, festival of lights, is one of my favourite times of the year. Spent the short vacation amazingly well. 6 days of fun and relaxation.

Watched movies and documentaries.

Worked on side project.

Went to cousin's place for a stay over. Hung out with friends and smoked up a bit.

Socialised after a loooong time and felt really great. I absolutely love my brother, one of the purest soul I have met. My favourite in the family.

Spent some time alone at home. Processed a lot of thoughts and emotions.

Meanwhile, logged in to work email and saw the promotion and salary hike approval email from my manager.

Got a new domain and rebranded my product

Sorting shit out slowly with life and career planning. Feels immensely peaceful.

Did a lot of good shit in past 6 days and I am full set to start work tomorrow.

I love this festival of lights and this Diwali was one of the best I celebrated.

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