I’m graduating at the end of the year in software engineering and I’ve never felt so...hopeless.

I’m older (34) than most grads as I have been trying to get my life on track (worked a bunch of part time odd jobs). Most of my coding experience has been academic and class labs, so I don’t have much personal projects to show.

I’m just looking for some career advice on where to go from here (1 month before graduation and I start looking for jobs).

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    What's the issue? So, give and take, you're a decade or so behind the common age range for grads.

    If this was an industry where you had to work up slowly and gradually from nothing over decades before getting anywhere, this could be an issue. But graduate devs level up quickly - from graduate to very reasonable salaries often in only around 4-5 years or so. And that's assuming no prior knowledge - if there's other jobs you can build on for domain level knowledge, it could be faster. (Don't write off all your experience thus far because it hasn't been dev based.)

    Go, graduate, work hard, get it. (You don't need personal projects, most grads rate them wayyy too highly.) You could still easily, all things considered, be in a killer dev job by the time you're 40 - and that's doing a lot better than most these days.
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    Nothing's late in the game if you have the right work ethics and attitude. Just believe in your self, give your best and the rest will follow.
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