Google meet, the wonderful shit show

Senior : "Yo YWTF , join this meeting *link*"
me : *clicks link*
meet : "Sorry your camera is not working" *shows disabled camera button*
me : "fuck this shit , i don't have to open my camera anyways" *proceeds to join a meeting am already late by 5 minutes

Senior explaining stuff while slightly laughing.
Me : "Seems like senior in good mood, thank god"

Senior: **proceeds on showing the code by switching on the share screen**
Screen : **has my fat ass face covered in blanket staring right at me**
Meet: "hehe , i magically fixed your camera and opened it, fuck your dignity"
Me: *cries in gmail*

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    *Laughs in Jitsi*
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    Laughs in electrical tape
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    You're a blanket monk, Harry!
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    Tape is hard currency, yeah.
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    Yes meet sucks... The settings menu in Android has only 1 option...

    And well the captions are tiny on phone... How hard is it to provide a setting to set font size...

    Feels like after Larry and Page left, Google has just gone downhill... Just going after $$$$$$ now...
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    Good read, solid 5/7
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    I have the camera blocked physically in almost all meetings.

    I do not really trust the software setting.
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    We are the gods of computerland. Certainly we can create a driver that simulates a camera and provides an image of what we want them to see? This needs to be a thing!
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    Apparently there is a thing:


    What I would like is something that tracks my movement via a camera and creates an expression of my digital self image. It would be fun to be Steve from Minecraft in a meeting.
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    @Demolishun That exists. It's called FaceRig 🙂
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    @Gazotey Just sent a message to them to see if it creates a video device to be used with other software. If it does it would be perfect!
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    @Demolishun I own the program on Steam and I do recall that being a feature.. But it's been a while since I last used it, so I could be wrong.

    I believe there's addons with additional faces too 🙂
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    @Gazotey How much was the steam version? Its price tag for commercial use is $300. For my use case it is kind of high.
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    @Demolishun Wow, that pricetag better come with a golden webcam xD
    It's 15 bucks on Steam.

    Seeing the price difference, the commercial license may have additional features 🤔
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    Makes me want to write my own software. I would love to inject a video stream from me playing minecraft. It would also be fun to write the driver:

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    @Gazotey Also, could be useful to darken skin to bypass the minority filter in job interviews. I mean if all you do is remote work...
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    @Demolishun Hahaha that's an hilarious idea 😂
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    @Demolishun on windows there is
    https://spout.zeal.co/ and on mac there is http://syphon.v002.info Syphon which allows you to share video output streams between applications.
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    I would die. I'm always fucking naked. It scares me just thinking about it. Thank god for black tape. No software is gonna fuck with me.
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    🤣🤣🤣 I just died thinking of what that looked like.

    **walks away to find black tape**
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