Must be nice to be the guy at the top of these teams writing every service, deciding every paradigm, every tool, every design pattern while receiving high praise cause wow they did the thing. They’ll never be in my shoes having to dig for weeks through shitty, half baked, half working code I didn’t write just to try an keep churn down.

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    wow you have managers who actually do something. Mine doesn't even know what the fuck we're doing.
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    @F1973 are you at least doing something that matters to more then one picky customer with one tiny side effect that takes a week to root cause? I swear I haven’t “made” something in idk how long. It’s just analyzing imperative bs all day every day, looking for the side effect. I actually get excited when something needs a slight change in functionality cause I get to write something. Most of the time it’s feature flag clashing with the expectations of another feature flag or the thousands of unweeded declarations getting tangled.
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    no it's not.

    never had that position oficially, but in practice of my experience, the higher up the chain you are, the less people you have to ask for advice with things you can't solve, therefore the higher your stress of "if *I* can't solve this, nobody else will" is.

    and that's the worst kind of stress.
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    @Midnight-shcode I’ve had that position for 7 years. Greenfieldings the only thing that’s kept me doing development. Now it’s the money that keeps me where I am. I’m fairly new to being the issue ticket handler but it’s not a long term solution for me. Much rather have the control and artistic freedomZ
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