From today's PhD interview:
Prof: What can your teammates do that will really annoy you?
Me: Have loud, long, private phone calls in the open space. I don't want to listen to people divorcing.
Prof: And what would you do if your colleague did that?
Me: I'd walk to him....and tell him..."I understand why she is divorcing you!"

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    Did you actually say this? If so, what was their response
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    Ha! I'm curious as well
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    Because she is absolute bitch that brings out the worst in people at inopportune times? There are a lot of ways to take a one sided phone call.
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    @Demolishun That was a real incident I had at work. That guy was unbearable - he talked to his lawyers, to insurance agents, to his phone company, his apartment building maintenance company....and of course the soon to be ex-wife.
    Like dude, we have 1-person "rooms" just for that - go and have your conversation there. I don't care who gets the dog.
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    You better finish what you started. This is not the end, this is a promise based rant and I'm awaiting response.
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    @Stuxnet @Jilano I said it in the interview :) But then I did the cute laugh+smile that magically cancels whatever I said before. Then I told them what really happened - that I told the guy, assertively, to take his private live to the dedicated rooms.
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    lowkey wish you actually did that, but that would probably get you in trouble
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    @NickyBones If you were from the south just tack a "bless his heart" onto the end and you're good to go. It cancels out all the horrible shit you say about someone lmao
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    @NickyBones "bit then i did the cute laugh+smile that magically cancels whatever i said before"

    i love it when women are aware of their stupid OP abilities.
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    @Stuxnet This played in my head with the appropriate accent.
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    @F1973 About 30 minutes after, I got a mail that the team (prof + 5 lab members that were present during the interview) voted to the let me pass. Now they have to interview the rest of the candidates, and rank us so it will still take about 2 weeks until I get an answer.
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    @F1973 They put me in the "positive bucket". But there might be more candidates that give an initial good impressions and end up in the bucket. So they will have to sort us :)
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    @NickyBones What's your PhD topic? If I know anyone at my uni who's doing that stuff I could let you know (dunno if you'd even want to come to the US but eh). I'm more towards hardware acceleration but there are always all kinds of projects floating around.
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    @RememberMe computer vision + robotics is what I am aiming for :)
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    @NickyBones we have a looot of that here, sadly I don't know many people in that space since they don't really mix with us HPC guys, they go after the control theory folks on a different floor. Oh well.
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    @F1973 There’s a nice sense of familiarity on devRant. It’s one of the reasons I like this place.
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    @F1973 You said “... I knew this would be you... “
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