I was watching this documentary bad boy millionaires, which is about some famous billionaires whose companies got bankrupt because of their frauds and found myself asking this question : these multi billionaire companies make huge money thefts but at the end , just 1 or 2 people are blamed which are mainly the owners/founders of the company . So who would be blamed for companies which doesn't have a direct current owner?

For eg, when wework was found to be burning investors money, the ceo was blamed for taking money into his own personal lavishes. Same goes for theranos, escobar firms, kingfisher, almost every of the bad names.

But what if we found someday that google or apple or microsoft is borrowing a lot of bank money or some other investor's money? Their ceo's are replaced every few years, so who would be the person that would be blamed for fraud? Or do they not have any investment into them and are solely running by the profits/revenue they generate?

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