Shit thoughts and self conflicts.

The typical middle class scenario : grab whatever opportunity that comes and delay decision making for anything that's not immediately affecting you , as long as you can. Anyone relate with me one this?

My last 7 months have been gone a little less stressful just because i was able to score an offer letter from India's biggest service based MNC. Yeah sure, the salary they would have given would be less than $400 per month , but working in a company employing 400k employees and later reaching to heights there would be so awesome

They did publically said they would be rolling out joining letters for their fresh recruits later in the year, they won't be backing out on the lives of 40k people. And they didn't they are really rolling out those letters and i got one.

But i hat to stay jobless for 6months because of this. Why couldn't they generate employment much earlier when our families were going out of business?

At that time i had to go work in different domains to get some cash inflow.

Now , as i read their email, which gives a date of around 10 days... I am again torn at the thoughts that i had 4 months ago .. should i be joining this big ass firm where people claim to have entered and stayed their entire lives, rising and gaining more authority? The pesudo government like job,where work is less but pressure of work is a lot

Or should i keep doing my job in this startup, where i am working in the domain that i love, getting the cash that satisfies me and have a relaxed environment where everyone is willing to help ? Startups feel like the way to go, but those big firms are so lustrous while these small teams feel like they are gonna kick my ass out the moment they are at loss

I guess i would not be leaving my startup job for those big company dreams. Someday i hope to reach into a company that's doing something good at a scale , no matter their own size . But doing something i like is also equally important , I don't wanna be putting data into excel sheet when i could make helpful software , just because the former has a job security

Damn... Job life is risky

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    You are probably talking about TCS.
    Or Infosys.
    Or Wipro.

    Okay, not boasting... But since you're active on devRant, you're probably someone who is into coding so let me tell you this.

    I'm not a genius. All my college life, I struggled to get decent grades.
    Currently I have 2 years of exp, and I earn 5 times of what you mentioned, in India, working for an e-commerce company.

    Here's the thing. I don't blame these companies.
    Amazon, Flipkart, Dunzo, Myntra, Swiggy etc... There are so many companies hiring.

    The earlier you realise that it's best to work hard for 6 months and then break into these companies, the easier it will be for you. Once you get 3 years of experience it gets really hard. Because then, you haven't learnt as much as these companies seek.

    But at the current level, all they seek is decent raw coding skills, Data Structures, Problem solving...

    Join them. But keep working hard. And make the switch soon.
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