Advice I've give to junior devs:

1. Make it work, then make it work better
2. There is always time for neatness. At some point someone else, maybe even a future version of yourself, will have to read it
3. Limit the cut-and-paste approach. You won't learn as much as if you have to write the code yourself
4. Beating your head against a problem has a time-diminished value. Ask someone before you give yourself a headache.

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    Very nice advices, thanks for this. But point #4 is very tricky to do. If we go to senior too soon, he would get irritated. If we go too late , they will get irritated due to delay.
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    @yowhatthefuck It is a balancing act, for sure.

    The best bet is to try to be friends with the senior devs and hope they aren't jerks.

    Personally, I like to share knowledge and teach what I know. But, I've met devs who are knowledge hoarders and don't like to share at all.
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    When you got a headache*
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