6 months of joining a dating site to test things.


During that time the dating site changed its rules/system several times, resulting in not allowing you to view/chat anyone more than 13 years younger than you. (So limited choice if you are aged 93..)

I didn't get a single date !

A few short chats..

Always the sticking issue was my geographical location and my lack of transport. ( I'd need my own plane to visit most potential dates.. there are no charted flights anymore from this island, the runway is mothballed !)

Conclusion, you at least need to live within affordable transport range of your date if you are male.

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    "So limited choice if you are aged 93.."
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    Why the first rule at all?
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    Tried the same a while ago.

    Had a nice lass whom I chatted to buuut she turned out to be an anti-vaxxer so I unmatched her.

    After that, not a single match D:
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    You aren't using iPhone, aren't you? (yes, it's just a theory)
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    I hate dating apps
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    Can't afford one of those !

    So, would I have more success with Apple users ?
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    A dating app for devs...

    You don't match on how they look like, you match on which languages they love/hate.
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    @Nanos I'm really starting to think that apps behave differently if you have ios
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    Be interesting to see side by side comparison in a YouTube video showing the same app on different OS's, including ios, to see what the differences are like.
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    @Nanos I'd be more curious about money related apps like deliveries / ubers, datings ecc
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    The age rule limit was brought in to stop older men from sending messages to younger women.

    Apparently 13 years was chosen due to statistical analysis of successful relationships, begins to tail off once the age difference is greater than 13 years.

    I'm reminded of someone I knew who swore blind they would never date anyone older than X.

    Then, they dated someone X+3, because, they had a car..

    They have been together 20 years now, married for 10, so I guess that worked out fine and they was one of the lucky ones !

    What a good thing they changed their mind and married someone who had a car, and also owned a brewery..

    Otherwise they might have ended up with me, and I don't have a car, or a brewery..

    But we was more on a similar intellectual level, so evening conversations would be a bit more interesting.

    But she looks happy enough @ restaurants, even if her blog music choices say a little otherwise..
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    Do you hate anything in particular about them ?
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    Sadly, I've found even that isn't enough.

    Though I am reminded of one woman I chatted with, she loved the 6502, and I loved the Z80, so we was not destined to be together..

    Another, we both loved ARM code, and shared a love of Raspberry Pi's and soldering, but that wasn't enough..

    I probably just lived too far away, again..

    If only I could afford to move nearer !

    Or maybe had a car..

    Working on the car solution ! (Not finished building it yet..)

    Be interesting to see if more travel range, makes any magic difference !
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    @Nanos Yea... range is nearly always gonna be an issue really...

    I knew quite some people whom I was interested in dating (and they into me) but that's kinda difficult when you live 800km away...

    and around here, barely anyone interests me or I just never meet em at all :^)
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    I do remember some years ago a woman moved in with me who lived some 4,000km away.

    But the next day she met a rich TV producer and moved into his penthouse flat..

    It's funny because she said she was sick of rich guys, and wanted someone with a personality, and didn't care that I lived in a ghetto..

    I guess that wore off pretty quickly in practice..

    Note, I've lost several girlfriends to rich TV producers..

    Lesson there, don't live near rich TV producers !

    Of course, now I live near rich fishermen instead..
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