Big meeting yesterday with all the senior leadership. Was called out twice in meeting for two of my contributions. One that isn't in production yet and I know there are going to be issues with it when it does finally go live. So I think the congrats are a little premature.

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    I understand a company's desire to recognize accomplishments, but I have a stack, like a drawer full, of 'Recognition Awards' for simply showing up for meetings or setting up an OctopusDeploy deployment (< 5 min. of effort). How about that time I spent 8 hours helping the Marketing department move SharePoint documents or finding the null reference exception that took down the web site (and the only thing the team of 10+ devs were doing was pointing fingers and playing the 'not my problem' game)? Nope, that was only 'doing my job'
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    Enjoy the massage till you're in the spa. Gotta get back to the sweatshop by 6.
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