Thursday: 12.5 hours shift with 12 meetings and literally no productive output.

Friday: our no call Fridays are non-existent now and spent 5+ hours on calls with barely any productive output.

Ton of work pending due to dependent meetings which cannot be scheduled because there are no available time slots for every next day.

We have long crossed our deadlines and it doesn't matter to anyone anymore.

And this Boomer team member, if you all remember, who never shuts his filthy mouth and keeps talking over others without listening for a moment.

Today we setup an hour long call with external team to listen to their ideas and feedback. 5 minutes into the meet and Boomer takes over and speaks non-stop for 3+ hours.

All our attempts to mute him, asking him to close the call, or reschedule it were slayed brutally.

Eventually we all just left and legend says he is still talking.

What's worse is that the retarded fucker lacks a simple human ability to fucking listen.

He has ruined the team culture since he joined.

He is not allowing to introduce new ideas and processes to the team, which we all are trying our level best to bring in because he doesn't know them and is not willing to learn.

He keeps repeating his same life and career story in every call with everyone whether it be top executives or clients or hangout sessions.

He is not being productive or providing any useful output at all.

I am so fucking pissed but I am not sure what to do about it because he is blocking everyone else's growth and progress.

Basterd loves to talk and conducts endless meetings.

And I am not sure how will I be able to deliver my tasks next week and bring in new stuff.

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    Report to manager or HR?
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    @rutee07 wouldn't work because HRs in my org are dumb.
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    @F1973 There's always plan B. Burn down the building.
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    Today he managed to piss off my lead/colleague by countering him without listening. My lead is one of the calm and cool headed person I have ever met. Been working with him for 4+ years and haven't seen him lose his cool.
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    @rutee07 yeah the first thing I'll do when office reopens.
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    Huh wtf is this person thinking
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    @NEMESISprj that's the problem, he isn't thinking.
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    Sounds awful.

    "Or you will end up like me. Living in a van. Down by the river...":
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