I gave given my last exam (a backlog) and i am finally free! Hope I don't get a back one again :-(

Huh. this feels so weird. I am supposed to work now i guess? Or should do a masters and study more? I have been am average for most of my college life, am not sure if i want to be associated as a master or expert without being one.

And even if i go on with this, should i go for a business degree or a technical degree? Business seems like a popular choice everyone wanna be the top manager earning the real $$, but i have grown past my side passion for business. I am more into the tech side, but again, can someone ever be a master of technology?

And on the whole other end, i have somehow landed in a decent droid dev job where am getting to learn a lot and also earning a decent fresher salary. Should i be leaving it just to get that expert tag? If i spend some years doing work here, i might get enough knowledge to make any kind of mobile app and that's kind of an expert-ness itself,right?

After graduation life is weird (well not completely out of graduation, results are yet to come)

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    @F1973 i have given this paper for 3rd time in the past 2 years, i hated this subject, so have been prepping this subject for last 5 months and have almost read a 1500 page book for this...

    I fucking kiled this paper. If those checkers didn't pass me this time , i am gonna burn the university and then join a cult for people that don't believe humanity and god doesn't exist ­čśĄ
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