Hipsters be writing inefficient code, meanwhile me being me doing this shit in O(1), always blazing fast, always exactly one transition no matter if it's one image or one thousand. Damn it feels good to be better programmer than those guys working at Medium.


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    You can’t zoom in properly.
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    :root styles bad
    z-index crap
    Does it allow for direct node elements instead of a possibly unneeded query selection?
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    Everytime a medium post begins with the title "Stop [paste some practice here which has been a reliable solution for years]" just go and close your web browser. Fast. Here are some recent titles which have proven to be articles with shitty content:
    - "Stop Using If-Else Statements. Write clean, maintainable code without if-else."(https://medium.com/swlh/...)
    - "Stop generating the BuildConfig on your Android modules"
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    @ScaryException Dijkstra be looking at that “stop writing if-else” and laughing
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    @kiki let's do a dijkstra algorithm with states cuz it Is A NeAt aNd MoDeRn WaY tO cOdE wHicH iS """""MaInTaInAbLe""""""
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    Those are some epic cute cats ngl.
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