Why does Epic Games have a "Remember Me" tickbox for login details, when they don't take notice of it !

I'm forever having to put my details in again..

"Fake" options like that really grind my gears !

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    And it has a "remember device", which doesn't work..

    Then it wants to send me an email and give me a pastcode.

    Luckily, their email server is working just fine.

    And so is mine !

    So I don't have to wait hours for it, by which time of course, its no longer valid..

    Which used to happen whenever I used anyone else's email server services..

    All I want to do is update my game client !
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    And it doesn't stop there..

    Oh no !

    I can't find the "free-games" option in the app. ( Is it even there.. ? )

    No worries, I'll just go to the website instead..


    And have to do the entire process of filling in my details, captcha, password, email, etc...

    Grrrr !!!!
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    After all that, no updates !

    Now, lets try steam..
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    Oh oh, now try them both on a linux system and see which one works!
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    @Nanos Never tried the remember me stuff since I clean everything related to their shitty website, but yes, their entire thing and related stuff is broken as fuck. I too had to contact their support because I wasn't receiving their emails. I suggest enabling 2FA (once you're able to login) to avoid that issue.

    PS: Still not getting any "receipt" emails regarding the free games. *shrugs*
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    Same shit in a corporate Jenkins server I'm using: every damn time I tick that option and every damn time it restarts the session after a day.
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    Check your cookies settings

    Also, I'd rather have them not storemy info when I tell them to that storing it when I tell them not to
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