Don't want to read my emails. Because they are too many. Won't read them tomorrow either, because they are even more.

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    For a second I thought this was @Jilano
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    Read them as they come in, duh

    Select all > Archive > Delete Archive
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    And just too many of it is some ridiculous bullshit from the clients.
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    @NoMad me too 😅
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    I feel you, mate
    I try to power through every day, but it's getting harder (no innuendo)

    @NoMad @Elyz I can't break my vows, ever!
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    @Jilano who knows? Maybe ome day you give in to the power of Bullshit Uno 😜
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    @NoMad You mean "Yuno"? :D
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    How many you got ?

    FX [ Goes to check his own unread number.. ]

    I've 1,012,714 unread emails..
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    @Nanos hows that even possible? does your mail program just never tick em as read? thats like, if you need 1min per mail to read, you'd need 22 month just reading them damn mails
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    I get that there are unread emails. But if they are from clients or customers...I would suspect a quick and possibly violent end of the work contract.
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    @thatDude nope. Not a business account. Private. Might be invoices, though
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    Oh, so no logs and automated system responses? Wow. I'm disappointed.
    If a dumpster fire of a system is not calling you because it has failed miserably, why would you even bother with them?
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    I have to tick them individually as read, otherwise I haven't read them. :-)

    It's what happens when you have been using email for 35+ years..

    You get a bit of a backlog. :-)
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