I reckon there appears two ways to get a date via Facebook:

Empty profile and no picture.

Then people will message you to find out if you are worth dating or not. (On the basis, that no one else has bothered to check you out.. )

Your profile has enough information for them to figure out if you are worth dating or not.

If just a picture, you'd better be attractive looking enough in it !

And it helps to be in a suitably attractive location at the same time..

If you have links to your websites, they better have worthy content..

I'll find out if I'm right after I improve my websites, my body, and find a good place to have my picture taken !

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    No woman will initiate a date with you anywhere on the internet unless you're exceptionally rich (in which case you'd also be well-known).

    Why? Because women are already drowning in online dating attempts, and the LAST thing they'd want is adding even MORE load to that mess.
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    @Fast-Nop I wouldn't say getting tons of dickpics in your others folder equals "drowning in online dating attempts" 🤣
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    @NickyBones Your comment made me imagine guys being absolute animals shouting "Choose me! Choose me!" while sending a potential partner several dick pics.

    Also this, lol.
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    @rutee07 The guys who send dickpics are savage animals. Luckily, not all guys are like that :)
    I personally never got one, but my precious girl friends shared with me their "treasure".
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    @rutee07 For the last time, I told you I wanted to send it to @C0D4. I just miss clicked, okay?!
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    @rutee07 That's kind of how I see guys who send dick pics generally tbh, and I'm a guy. I don't get it. I've never met a girl who'd like that sort of thing.

    Still, I thought being "woke" referred to a state of being awake until not long ago, so perhaps I'll just hide back under my rock 🤷
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    @Jilano So you sent him a picture of your forest to what? Make him jealous of your untouched natural resources?

    @AlmondSauce That "woke" part cracked me up. There are plenty of words kids use these days that I don't fucking get, especially those made-up acronyms. Jesus Christ, speak.
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    @rutee07 Aww, you understand me so well
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    Human pairing is more and more about status codes - and I’m not talking about http status.

    It’s just sign of times we live in.
    Everything is about work and money.
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    @rutee07 I'm just about hip enough to know that LOL doesn't mean lots of love. Pretty much anything else I need to Google.
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    @Fast-Nop this is just flat out not true. Know plenty of average looking guys that have girls reach out to them, especially after pandemic. All humans get lonely and bored and not everyone will only seek out rich celebrities
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    I know one guy whose date started with a dick picture, so it does work !

    He even has it on a website, so he just has to send the URL..

    The relationship nearly worked out, they got engaged, but she stood him up at the alter, and never get back the $10k engagement ring..

    He meanwhile is happily married to someone else. (I don't know if he employed the same tactic or not..)

    Also, women do actually ask for dick pictures as well..

    I guess they want to see if its worth their time dating you !
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    I've known women who have initiated dates online, but its probably a rare occurrence.

    Meanwhile, its you and a billion other men all trying to date the same woman..
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    I'm reminded that us guys also sometimes get boob pictures sent !

    No down below pictures mind you..

    Maybe some other guys gets those.
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    > not everyone will only seek out

    > rich celebrities

    But you still need to be a rich average person !

    It will help when I finish building my own vehicle..

    Since, no one wants to travel to meet me for a date !
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    @vane "..and I’m not talking about http status." I hate you! You didn't even give me a chance to make more dumb jokes!
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    @Nanos Ass picture is the currency these days.
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    I'm guessing shaved is more popular..
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    Talking of Facebook and dates, I'm reminded of this dating site:


    After applying over a year ago, my application is still 'pending review'..

    What's the bet that in 10 years time, if the company is still around, its still 'pending'..

    I'm reminded of Plenty Of Fish dating site, where I still see woman who have been there for 10+ years looking for Mr more perfect than I am.

    One I nearly dated, I filled all the qualities, except, I couldn't drive, and they wanted someone to drive their car for them..

    I've still to get a driving license !

    Cars are so expensive..
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    Or should you wax instead of shave ?

    I guess the ideal solution is:


    I wonder how much it costs to buy a unit these days, and can you use it everywhere, or are there places you shouldn't ?
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    @Nanos I never thought about shaving that part. Maybe it's a guy problem. I'm guessing shaving hurts less.
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    @rutee07 Much harder to shave that part of you solo though !

    You get women with hairy bottoms too..

    I'm reminded about 20 years ago, my dating profile did include a picture of me bending over, so maybe that is why I got more dates back then !
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    @Nanos That made me laugh. Maybe you should upload more pictures like that, add in the sense of humor in the profile too. :D
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    @Nanos Do you really believe all women are looking for a rich guy?
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    I've only asked half a million, so maybe the next one will be different.

    Someone around here has asked 2.5 Million and got the same result.

    Rich of course is a relative term, what one person might think of as rich, being worth $10 Million, is rich.

    But so is being able to rent an apartment in an expensive neighourhood @ $2,000 a month.

    Or own a $500,000 home in a desirable neighbourhood.

    Or have parents who own such a home that you also live in..

    This is all, rich stuff as far as the poor are concerned, who may well never be able to afford to move from the countryside to the town or city, which is where most of the women move too..

    Which is why women have trouble finding a man in the city, and men have trouble finding a woman in the countryside.

    I didn't used to think like that, but experience has taught me otherwise !

    Experience is a devil for that kind of teaching I find..
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    Humour is always a good thing I reckon, so to speak.

    Hard to come up with ideas though.

    But maybe I could have a picture spread of me bending over in different locations..

    That all came about from previous research into the subject of what women find most attractive about a man:


    h t t p : / / w w w . m t v . c o m / n e w s / 2 0 8 2 9 7 6 / w o m e n - l i k e - g u y s - b u t t s - s c i e n c e /


    h t t p s : / / w w w . q u o r a . c o m / D o - w o m e n - l o v e - m a l e - b u t t s
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    I'm reminded of a woman I chatted to who moved back to the countryside, having lived in the city, why did she do that ?

    Her boyfriend here is worth $10 Million..

    He just had her built a new house to live in, rather than stay with her parents.

    That's the only woman I've heard of who moved back here..

    The rest, are leaving in droves to move to the city.

    As such, this creates more local competition between men, so if you are bottom of pile, poor, well, you aren't going to get anything !

    Doesn't matter one hoot if you have the greatest personality on Earth, that isn't worth one bean, if you haven't got anything else to offer, such as a car for example..

    Cars are hot !

    And yet we are told, cars are bad for the environment..

    Yeah, good luck prizing folk out of their cars !

    Best we might do, is go electric..

    Though a hot public transport system could work, but its expensive..

    Taxi's are cheaper, but still expensive..
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    This is also interesting from the point of view, of starting up a group.

    I'm watching someone at the moment have success there, and I reckon its because they have published details about several previous small projects they finished.

    Whilst folk I see who have no previous projects, few if anyone wants to help them..

    So, we only bet on almost sure things, even when it comes to helping others, we don't help a no-body, who hasn't even got on the first rung of any ladder.

    I try and go out of my way to help such folk, because, no one else does.

    It's like if you are successful and rich, and become ill and poor, suddenly all your 'friends' leave you, as you can't useful anymore to them.

    You see folk with a handful of real friends, if they are lucky, or none at all, if they are unlucky..

    Folk are very mercenary I find.

    "What's in it for me?" is the mantra.

    But I guess that's life so to speak, evolution, etc.

    Helps to be aware of it at least, and plan accordingly.
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    @Nanos So you claim half million women want something you can't even define? Very scientific.
    That's like almost everyone wants to be "happy" - the fuck that even means.
    I wouldn't want to date a "rich" guy or a "poor" guy in the sense that I believe a huge difference in income between partners leads to power imbalance that I consider unhealthy.
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    So you claim half million women want something you can't even define? Very scientific.


    I defined it very well with the term 'rich'.

    Poor is less than rich.

    Rich can mean both money and resources, resources which you usually only get with money..

    For example, that bodybuilder, didn't grow their body on thin air, it took expensive food.

    Someone might have the ability to draw well and be an artist, this could be a skill they was born with, though they would still need to afford drawing tools..

    I hope that explains better what the term 'rich' means..
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    I believe a huge difference in income between partners leads to power imbalance that I consider unhealthy.


    So you agree with me then..

    Eg. if you was rich, you wouldn't date someone poor.

    But interesting to hear you wouldn't date someone super rich, because of the power imbalance.

    Though in my experience, what people say and what people do in practice, can offer differ !

    Usually humans say whatever is in their best interests to say at the time, and then change their mind later, when it is in their best interests to do so.

    Interestingly also, folk say, "I wasn't lying at the time, I meant it!", and according to lie detector tests, they really did mean it !

    Which, interestingly makes lie detector tests of the type that go something like:

    "If I employ you, would you steal from me ?"

    "No of course not!"

    They would pass, but at some later date, they could change their mind and decide to steal..

    So all you can go on is their past behaviour.
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    Also perhaps of interest is most peoples past behaviour is probably not so good, few saints out there..

    So, probably best to try and design systems to keep an eye on employees so you can spot when they are stealing and try to limit how much they could steal at any one point in time, and to factor that loss into your accounting figures.

    Eg. Everyone steals office supplies..

    Which probably means, most people are a bit fudgy when it comes to what they tell you relationship wise.

    "Of course I love pizza" could mean, they really love pizza, or they really love your expensive house, and they can put up with eating pizza to get it..

    Which, if you want to be a moral person and not force someone to eat pizza when they really don't want it, can be difficult to spot.

    Which interestingly brings up that power balance thing mentioned just a moment ago by someone else. :-)
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    everyone wants to be "happy" - the fuck that even means.


    Things that make them happy. :-)

    Not things that make them unhappy..

    I notice there are often a lot of common things that make folk happy in a relationship:

    Shared activities.

    The other person being nice.

    (Though oddly, some folk like the other person if they aren't nice..)

    Someone they find attractive.


    (Being given them..)

    I wonder if there are any more ?
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    @Nanos "But maybe I could have a picture spread of me bending over in different locations.."

    Please send us a link to this. Lol.
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    Well, its good to hear I'm appealing to half the global audience, now if I could just figure out if it will trigger the other half that I'm more interested in !

    Just what poses do women like to see men in ?
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    @Nanos You said rich is a relative term, thus it's not well defined. For a poor women in Cambodia, a guy that can spend 5$ a day on her is rich, but that won't be considered rich in Europe. I think people, not only women, look for financial stability - this does not equal marrying rich.
    You wouldn't take my word that I wouldn't date someone significantly richer than me, but you rely on what "half million women" said - your logic is inconsistent.
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    A relative term can be defined just fine.

    For example 10 is relatively speaking bigger than 1.

    1,000 is relatively bigger than 100.

    Rich always equals more than.

    Someone's word is worth nothing only their actions.

    If half a million folk don't want to go on a date with you, it doesn't matter what they say, its what they do that counts.

    Then you have to figure out why, by altering the variables they see.

    Suddenly have a private jet, getting a date is magically not difficult. :-)
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    @Nanos When you've got $$$, you don't need personality, character, integrity, or any of that shit, you'll get pussy right away. There's nothing as arousing as an unlimited credit card.

    However, what you'll get won't have personality, character, integrity, or any of that shit.
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