One part of the internet I'm on, there are a handful of abusive folk who admin are not dealing with.

They say, they aren't being abusive, when they clearly are !

And, if I'm abusive back, I get my posts removed..

After some thought, I wonder if the following would work:

What if I posted fake deleted by admin messages ?

I don't think the admin would really delete them, since they aren't abusive, they just say:

"*** deleted by admin ***"

And the folk being abusive to me, would wonder what I had said, since they obviously missed the moment between when I posted it, and when it got deleted..

But as it wasn't really deleted, there never was anything for them to miss. :-)

That at least might play on their minds a little and allow me to attack back just a smidge.

Thoughts ?

And no, this part of the internet doesn't have a working ignore feature.. (Not until I code one!)

And yes, its quite useful and currently not replaceable with any other part of the internet, so I have to find a way to put up with the shit from others, or get their posts removed/etc.

Which isn't happening since those doing the admin jobs are either too stupid for words, or also abusive asses.

I don't think anyone will notice offhand the messages are fake, since the only people who know for sure are the admin folk, and they aren't super great at paying attention to what they should be admining..

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    Example abusive post:

    "I see you are talking to yourself again"

    Who votes that is, and who votes that isn't an unkind unpleasant thing to say !
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    *****DELETED BY ADMIN*****
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    *****DELETED BY ADMIN*****
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    *****SPANKED BY ADMIN*****
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    look at me


    I am the admin now.
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