So am currently in a company where i am working on a technology that i really like. I am currently not an expert in that domain, but know enough of it to fix whatever they throw at me.

But lately I have been having this weird feeling that am not trying to grow my knowledge anymore. earlier when i was unemployed, i would look into newer frameworks and tech because "what if they are needed in the job?" , but now when i have the job, i don't feel like doing that. I can feel like am doing less ,a lot less .

How do you motivate yourself to learn things? I am just feeling like shit :/

And its not just about career but life in general. I used to do gymming, go out, talk to people, but lately am just ... not doing anything else. I sit with laptop 10-7, then eat,shit, move around the house then back to laptop and sleep.

I am frustrated

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    What usually works for me is to think of a bigger goal, like getting into a more interesting industry (like AI) and then start learning the different things that are required for that.

    When you have a bigger goal it's easier to motivate yourself then when you're learning some new framework in a language you already know
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    Sometimes I think us devs put too much emphasis on learning new languages/frameworks and incorrectly feel we're "stuck doing the same thing and not learning" when we aren't. But what's probably happening is that we're mastering our main craft.

    But I'd say: don't worry. I find learning and motivation often comes in bursts. You might spend 6 months feeling fine with doing the same thing - but suddenly something might pop up and motivate you to get into it.
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    I feel you @yowhatthefuck it’s harder to feel motivated these days
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    thankyou for the support folks, i really needed that
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