so i recently got a macbook for the first time. And i absolutely hate its trackpad. In windows i have got my trackpad customised with 1 finger side scroll and single touch to open/click anything .I wasn't even able to complete those introductory screens for 1 hour when i realised these buttons need to be pressed. I may somewhat adjust to the 2 finger scroll of mac but i don't wanna. any help ?

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    See touchpad settings... it’s actually way more intuitively and gesture are a million times better.

    You just need to set the god damn settings you need.
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    @bagfox thanks , i found that. customised it somewhat , but still couldn't make it do side scrolling as buttery as my windows one.
    guess i would take time to adjust to this heavy guy.. all the apps that i need to use would run fast in a macbook, but am not sure what would be my speed on it , if i can't even do a copy paste without looking into my keyboard first :/

    fun fact: devrant has gradients in mac. looks nice :>
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    @yowhatthefuck There are third party apps that allow you many more things, including right-side scrolling.

    But I advice against it. If you’re used to the scrolling, you’re way faster with that two-finger scroll.

    Personally, I have 3-fingers for “mouse down and move” which is sadly now hidden in the accessibility settings and 4-fingers swipe up for mission control as well as 4-fingers down to show all windows of the active app. I find this way easier to manage your windows at a glance than window-tab or alt-tabbing around.

    Regarding copy/paste, it was also hard for me to get used to it, especially writing @ signs because that closes the app completely. But somehow, after 3 years, I can finally differentiate between Mac shortcuts, windows and common Linux distros. Mac really was the hardest. And now, I literally cannot use a mechanical keyboard on macOS because that fucks completely my mental state.
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    Thanks. I never knew how the 2 os are so much more different in real life, i was just the typical memer against apple.

    Do you happen to know of a tutorial which teaches how to x in mac, where x is any daily stuff like copying , pasting, opening all apps, killing apps etc
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    @yowhatthefuck I’ve seen one on GitHub, but that’s a long time ago and a quick Google doesn’t find it anymore.

    For most things you’ll use drag and drop more often than copy&paste actually, it’s just using cmd instead of ctrl. For opening apps, either just use spotlight and search for it, or use Launchpad to see all applications at a glance (which you can also open using spotlight).

    Apps are basically folders. So that’s why most applications don’t have an installer, as power use you may just have the Applications folder open to search/open multiple apps. If you have multiple selected, use cmd+o. Enter does rename items. I remembered that like: “run command to open” and “Enter a new name”

    Activity Monitor is your task manager. But you can use option+cmd+esc to show a dialog of any application you want to force quit. But don’t forget, you can also right click on the app’s dock icon to force quit, if it’s reported as unresponsive to the OS.
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    Cmd+w closes tabs, otherwise window if there are no tabs. Shift+cmd+w closes the window, if there are tabs.

    That should give you a quick starting guide for the basic things.

    Also, check out the terminal command “open”, super handy for a lot of things, especially automation.
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    @bagfox once again, thank you. I am gonna continue swimming in the mac sea, finding out how the different things happen differently using which keyboard/software/program combination, and we will have a nice window to mac transition guide.

    That maybe will be my gift to this money minting company, i hope they give me a free iosdev license lol
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