I hate my job and the people i work with. But i need the money so i can't quit especially with this pandemic.

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    Sorry man, you probably work with me...
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    @N00bPancakes Doubt it. None of these people understand English.
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    You can try to find another job first, and quit once you found one.
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    That's indeed a tricky situation. However, some companies are still hiring, and I know some people who recently found new jobs, so you should be able to secure interviews and hopefully, a new job.
    Best of luck!
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    Well, you are part of the majority then.
    Just keep pretending to do the work as much as you think is needed to not get fired and therefore continue to have an income - like all the others do.

    Searching for a better suited job also shouldn't hurt - but don't expect a miracle. There aren't actually that many good jobs out there...
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