So I am currently a senior in High school and is planning to go abroad for my Post Grad and since I'm a computer science student , I wanna do an internship so that I can sustain myself finally during that 4 years , but the thing is after seeing all the posts on here from many Devs , I'm actually kinda scared about not knowing what to do ( Programming wise ) as in my High School , we have done only the basics in Java and C++ , ie in Java , functions , Function overloading , arrays , for C++ : the same as Java along with Classes and Objects , Data Structures , Properties of OOP , constructors and Destructors but since it is my final year , I have to give my 100% to Physics , Chemistry and Maths as they are important for my entrances and admission . I honestly am shit scared cuz I don't think I will survive with this especially abroad

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    As a junior, your expected to not know anything. But your attitude and willingness to jump onboard and learn as you go will be what gets you on your way.

    In all honesty, you have more going on for you then half the juniors we interviewed recently 🎉
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    It really sounds like you're in good shape compared to most jrs.
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    That's pretty decent. That's more language knowledge than what some C only devs have :p

    What you'll need to learn now is probably more about algorithmics and data structures, and I wouldn't worry too much on that side either, it comes naturally with experience.

    Just keep coding on a few personal projects when you find the time to and you'll likely turn into an excellent dev. Practice makes perfect.
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    @C0D4 Thank you so much
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    @N00bPancakes Thanks man , appreciate it
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    @CptFox Thank you for the advice man . Appreciate it
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