After practically a year since I last got to the dentist, and some 6+ months of painful toothache, finally got off island and had it removed.

Long story..

Now to wait to see if I caught Covid-19 whilst doing that..

There was a slight risk of death if I hadn't had the tooth removed, and it looked difficult to DIY..

So, today's wisdom, dental insurance, and make sure you actually live close enough to a dentist should you need one..

And, hope it isn't shut due to all the staff being off ill !


Only took about 2 minutes to remove, after I got a double dose of anaesthetic since the first lot didn't appear to do much !

Long story = required playing politics to pull strings, to actually get to see a dentist.


Remember to look after your teeth.

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    I hope they take a dentist with them on their first trip to Mars..

    Or the Moon !

    I wonder if anyone has ever had toothache in orbit ?
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