My experience with Mac 💻

So recently I received a macbook from office to work. I have always worked with windows since the day i first touched a computer and recently tried ubuntu during the college for a 1-2 years on and off. When they asked which laptop to provide, i didn't gave any preference but only demanded one which could run our tools faster (mainly android studio , chrome and emulators)

And boy what an experience this world of apple is. for last 4 days, i have been using this, and i would describe my definition for a macbook to be " ITS NOT A GUI based OS. Its a glorified, more aesthetically pleasing, more shittier and irritatingly simple alternative to ubuntu OS that is running on a BLAZING FAST, premium hardware and awful keyboard"

Allow me to explain.

- THE UI: its beautiful and classic. I like all kinds of icons, but macOS' life like icons for notepads, admin access, camera, gallery etc bring back the memory of decades old UI when icons were more relatable.
- The blurs in every screen nd widget looks nicer than windows version of blur, which is also not that bad( again, as a tech user, all the uis are fine for me unless they are truely crap like recent gmail and other google icons)

- ITS HARDWARE . its true, there os is so optimised that i have never seen an android studio emulator run this fast. Like, this little guy is what i5 something with 8gb ram and 256 gb ssd? I have a windows hp laptop with exact similar specs( i5 7th gen, 8gb ram , 256gb ssd+ 1 tb hdd) and i can never even imagine of running emulator +studio , and getting my builds in less than 20 mins. Here, the builds weren't even taking a minute.

- and what else? umm can't remember.

Lets get to the cons

- THE UI . not talking about the asthetics, but the OS itself, the graphical user interface (NOT) . Its super crap and I feel limited in this ui.

- From my experience of windows and linux, i will say windows is a true gui based system as for everything you wanna do, there is a software that will be exposing particular api/database/register entry/setting etc . Linux is a partial gui as it has limited apps and most work can be easily done with terminal.

- Apple is , at its best an incomplete gui. It has a very simple software base, like its file explorer, which can't open system files without managing permissions via cmd. windows peeps, you see the calendar in bottom right? yeah, be grateful for that, here apple's gonna take $3 for this as a third party app

- And what i noticed was that they have intentionally tried to make it a simple/restrained OS. You won't find library setting unless you press a particular combination of keys.

- The windows switching. omg, how i miss those. just hovering over an icon in bottombar in windows would show how many windows of an app are open. here its a nope from apple. just a dot , no matter how many windows you have opened for an app

- THE HARDWARE : Wait, i just said its the best, right? not too much. You would expect a company taking $1500 for a latptop and give some ports, but nah, fuck off with your hard disk, memory card and usb.

- and what's this keyboard? why can't they add a numeric keyboard :'/ i use to rarely move my hand while typing and now its jumping all over the place just to write a 10 digit phn number. Also am so much adjusted to basic keys like control, alt,fn, insert that its to difficult to map my hands to the new command , control-arrow and option. I am testing and trying out my old shortcuts on various apps and hoping i eventually adjust to this keyboard

- and ugh, the mouse. yeah , thank you for showing me those gestures we can perform with this, but no thanks. windows can also have almost all of those gestures with synaptics and i rarely ever used those

- the new touch bar is rarely ever useful as i have better speeds typing the word "useful" than just pressing it there. Maybe its useful for the software u use, but its upto the devs of those s/w to make this shitbar useful

- Thus to me, mac OS is an OS that is a mix of goods and bads . but its like , trying its best to hypnotise me and adjust to its quirks and in future become its follower and embracer, but i don't think i would be. windows has shown me what a gui world is, its file explorer has been my favourite place of stay. the ubuntu has shown me what a terminal based gui world is , and its file explorer (& terminal) is again my favorite place to stay.

so in future if i had to buy a new system, i would rather get my old hp laptop repaired until i have a big bag of cash . then i would buy a high spec custom laptop/computer with 64 or 128 gb ram/ i10 or whatever the powerful cpu is and shit tonnes of ssds and dual boot it with windows + ubuntu. Nope, not gonna be a apple fanboy

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    Never heard anyone prefer synaptics to... Anything. 🤣

    Only commentary there is you probably don't use them much because they don't work well under windows. Especially with desktop switching, I've never found anything remotely comparable to the apple trackpad. Three fingers up, here's what is open, three fingers left or right, different workspaces.
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    related. To finger that touchpad on linux with multiple fingers at once.

    I thought I will get used to it and love it. Well... I even forgot I have it installed :) I used to envy mac users those gestures.. just swipe, swipe - and the workspaces are switching. Now I just know it's not for me - the keyboard approach is and will keep on being my daily driver :)

    I guess it depends on one's habits what's useful and what's not.
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    @SortOfTested for me the only gesture i use was 1 finger side scroll. And I don't use the concept of workspaces i guess. I am used to having a lot of windows clipped to small rectangles at different areas of screen, with the remaining ones minimised in the bottombar . If i need them , i can check them out without opening in the small windows preview screen on hover
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    @yowhatthefuck What, you like the Windows file explorer?! It doesn't even have tabs! That's what I really like with Nemo under Mint Cinnamon.
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    Ubuntu and most Linux GUI lack more in little refinements as macOS or Windows. In Ubuntu, I always fall back to using the terminal more often than I want to, in macOS, it’s the opposite. But even if, I find the way macOS‘s UI is working together with the Terminal way better than on Linux.

    I think you should explore the GUI possibilities more, as an old windows user but developer preferred on macOS, I find personally way better from an ergonomic perspective. It’s just that they’re just doing some thing way differently and some defaults are actually counter productive as developer I think. But there is always at least some equivalent of Windows’s side.
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    @SortOfTested this, i can understand not liking the user interface, but that can be remediated by learning how to use the trackpad. I feel weird without it and by comparison I hate that i can't ever use any other laptop brand comfortably without said trackpad
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    I really can't relate to your opinion on the trackpad. This is what I really like about MacBooks, and what I think is the best feature of it.
    I guess this is also the reason that a MacBook is the only platform that I really use workspaces on (ok, maybe it is also because I have 1 screen there instead of 3)
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    I was in the same boat as you when I received my first mac from work.

    Give it time. You'll actually learn to love it for development.
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    If you haven‘t already, get Homebrew package manager
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    1 week update : so my opinions has changed very slightly. I am kinda getting hang of the mac trackpad . apple tries to make innovations at every possible level and i think only their hardware innovation team is the best. The smallest feature to make the complete mouse clickable is the reason its so comfortable to use and makes switching to other laptops a nightmare

    I forgot to praise its screen last time. this pixel filled idk-what-heaven of a screen is superb. every time i go back to my hp laptop, i feel like i am sitting in front of an excessively long dirty looking paper like screen. But its fucking small(13") and looking at those tiny texts is killing my eyes :/

    in terms of software, yeah i tried getting the hang of gestures. not too bad, not too good. it feels like filling the flaw this os has over windows and linux. giving a set of small preview screens is still better imho moreover i have to run multiple apps , so i have to switch back to single desktop with multiple smaller
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    the ui... aagh it sucks so bad. just to create a new file at location, i have to fuck with system in the terminal & still won't get it. I am telling you, apple fanboys are in illusion, they are missing the freedom of a decent ux. just checkout this link for how to create a new file using finder : https://apple.stackexchange.com/q/...

    The answers are laughable and sad.
    - "open text editor, add data, save to a location" (ok this is somewhat decent. but why would i have to change my flow of creating a new file? can't i be just me and create a new file followed by adding data and not vice versa?)

    - use terminal (DUHH)

    - "copy an already present file, rename it , clear its data and voila, you have a new file" (LMAO fuck off)

    - "pay $2 and install this otherwise useless app" (nice. spend more money )

    - "create an applescript" (or fill the flaws yourself, we are busy counting the $$$)

    i can go on and on about finder, its just another halfbaked shit from the house of apple
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    @Fast-Nop its decent alright. i really like the top breadcrumbs bar with a single click to go many directories back . also , a single right click on file gives a way lot more options than linux. and yeah the multiple tabs on nautilus or other ubuntu explorers is a very nice feature, but i adjust that with "open in a new window " in windows . my fav from nautilus is when looking via listview, we can click on arrows and access the files without going into the directories. love it.

    But still, both windows and linux file explorers are way better than a macOS's Finder. this shit won't even show home or etc directory without tinkering.

    A file explorer is like a gateway to OS's and user files. this should be simple and easy to use. sadly they have corrupted a population so bih, that everyone is liking it and even android is embracing this closed file explorer philosophy :/
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    @yowhatthefuck What happens when you create an "empty" .png? It's not really a PNG image, it just has the extension.

    Apple would rather place emphasis on applications that create files than having finder create potentially empty or corrupt garbage files. Even their Cocoa API places emphasis on applications that work with media files, for this reason.

    If you're a developer, of course the preferred way is the terminal. That's what apple expects.

    Apple prefers correctness over frivolous features. Thus, they'd rather improve the flow for creating those files in a proper application rather than let you creat corrupt ones willy nilly.

    Remember their target demographic.
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    update after 20 days( am not gonna maintain those stupid " using X for 1week/1 month/3months/1 year" posts. am gonna share every shit/funny stuff i find in mac usage whenever i find those)

    apple os experience is still shit, hardware experience is still awesome. thinking of trying the big sur update. CUT FILES OPTION DOESN'T WORK!! wow . once again i came across another philosophical decisions by amazing apple ux team (/s) :
    - command c to... idk , 'recognise the content to be moved/copied',
    - option+command+v to 'move the content' , and
    - just command v to 'duplicate the content'
    more details here : https://discussions.apple.com/threa... (also checkout the snowflake who got butt hurt by use of just ********* and not even the actual word bullshit XD )
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    i just can't understand why there is a need for apple to prove themselves to be 'different' . you see the gmail, you see the outlook, and then you see yahoo mail. do they all look different ? yes. do they feel different ? no .

    the ux is pretty much about trying to understand what user finds easy to use and then provide them. if user likes a particular tag feature of gmail, all other emails provide ,and don't come up with a new 'sag' feature that is a million times different to be used, but somehow does the same thing as 'tag'.

    Companies try new stuff with their customers. apple , instead of trying , simply impose their features on customers and force them to adapt. even if the reviews are wrong, they aren't gonna take it back.
    - removed headphone jack . the whole world : wait, no!! . apple : no backsies , deal with it. the whole world: "meh. ok"
    - removes charger . The whole world : "what, why?" . apple: "No backsies, this is the new world" . apple world : :/ . ok daddy
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