Reading other people's code and stalking their merge requests. I read the review points, the comments, the back and forth. I see the same problem solved in various ways and I figure out why they did something the way they did. I observe and if they make sense, I apply them to my work.

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    Why the downvotes?

    That's a pretty good way of learning, I think I'll start doing that with a few repos I like (*cough* Rocket framework *cough*).
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    @neeno I had 4 downvotes in less than a minute. I'm guessing someone being bitter over the attention I'm getting that they are not. Well, at least I have a life outside of devRant and internet points. They can have devRant to themselves. :D
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    @rutee07 I figured it was some sort of troll... @Root @Jilano @F1973 @SortOfTested let's ++ this rant so it doesn't vanish from the feed
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    @neeno It's fine. You don't have to tag them. They might find it in discussions anyway. Haha. But thanks.
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    ++ from me mate
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    Pro Bunker Buster.

    And yeah. Learning from others is a great way.
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    @neeno Neeeeeeeeennnnoooo

    @rutee07 new fone who did (also don't lie to us, we are part of your life, mate)

    @F1973 I was trying to make a joke with "Soviet Union" and "Lutee", but nothing's coming (don't say it)


    And yes, it's probably one of the best way to learn. Keep it up, Lutee
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    @Jilano Jilaaaanoooooo (if you read it with an Italian accent that's exactly how I imagine your name sounds like)
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    @neeno Ciao, mate-o! Comè stai? And of course, how else would you say it! :D
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    @Jilano like Jalapeno

    Chilano my ... Beep beep beeeeeeeeep
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    Jilani pastrami Jumanji
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    @rutee07 Oh nuh...! You said the "J" word! :X
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