I once said that programming is the only talent I have. First thing what the manager said that moment "bullshit, it's not a talent, if you had spent so much time in something else you would be good at that too".

I didn't appreciate it that moment. You won't see me ranting about managers much but this guy was special. But, maybe he's right. I did spent so much time, you could hardly call it a talent.

I do consider myself good because I'm quite alright in making compromise, estimation and communication. This ofcourse has nothing to do with my time spent learning languages but it's the thing that devides me as programmer. Coding doesn't, I don't do at work what I learn privately. That's why some good developers don't write code privately. It's not really required in many cases. So my good is in the soft skills. Also, I care a lot about customers / issues. I care more about the user experience than code base. Wish more programmers did it.

Also I started when I was 8yo, didn't have internet so I learned digging before googling. Some times I should Google it faster, digging is not always a good thing.

That's it :)

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    When you teach yourself programming at 8 I think it's fair to call it talent

    Maybe not programming talent but "logical thinking to solve a structured problem in an efficient way" talent... which is basically the same thing šŸ˜‡
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    tbh "I care more about the user experience than code base. Wish more programmers did it."

    left me kind of unsure what to think of it :)

    Because I feel like the guy that endlessly and tediously cleans up after a lot of dudes rushed over a codebase telling the customer "they care most about the user experience" (and while doing that meeting very thin budgets).

    But everybody thinks he's the hero in his own story :)

    Who knows - uplifting story though.
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    @12bitfloat meh, solving stuff wasn't one of them. In my teenage years I start to write viruses. So, that actually happened when I got internet šŸ˜‚ No serious damage was done and it was an amazing time
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    @Exxenmann oh, I know the other variant: only caring about code, no care for customer at all. In the end we get paid for a solution. That i say that the user experience should be more important doesn't mean the code isn't. It's just about the priority. Because a culture where the reviews get bounced on a var name while customers are waiting a month while their ticket is not even in progress yet, makes me me cry. Also, still bugs in such reviews šŸ™„

    Maybe we should switch for two months
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    @rooter :D

    Yeah I see your point as well.

    Probably it needs to be:
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    @Exxenmann yes, agree
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    What is talent, really? Many people are seeing someone doing something very well and call it talent without thinking about it. Nearly everything needs time and practice to get enough experience and routine to be good at something. You can't just skip that if you are "talented".

    So, what is talent? Is it something which makes it more easy for you? But how do you measure that? You can't compare how much effort two different persons put into something and then compare how they are performing after that. What about motivation and passion? You can't force that and you can't compare it.

    And would't it be too easy and even unfair to attribute skill to just talent? Like "Oh, he didn't work his ass of for years. No, he just has talent, that's it!"

    Or, many do try to achieve something, then fail and then say: "I just don't have talent".
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    You certainly can't achieve anything just by trying hard enough.
    But you also can't just say that you failed because of the lack of talent. There is so much more to it.

    So, the way how people are using the term 'talent' is completely wrong for me. I'd like to ban it if I could. Because it's meaningless.
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    @Lensflare I agree with the definition on this page: https://dictionary.cambridge.org/di...

    For me - real talent is proven by someone that does not care about it even when that person don't care about it. For example, I know a very good programmer but she HATES her job. Also, some students that finish their master while they do subjects they don't care about what to do in life. For contrast: I can't cook anything complex, it seems impossible šŸ™„ Those fuckers do rocket sience while not caring šŸ™„ That's amazing
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