I’m trying to find a remote job. I mean completely remote, so I don’t even have to fly to the country where the company is.

It’s because most companies in my country don’t pay well and I’m afraid of going out these days.

I have 1.5 years experience in terms of internships.

Profiles preferred: Backend developer, mobile app developer, SoC Analyst, Threat Hunting, Malware Analyst

I get that I’ll be starting off from a junior level position so I believe $25/hr should be a fair compensation.

Please advise how do I proceed? I’ve tried applying on LinkedIn and messaging some existing employees in different companies but haven’t heard from them in past few weeks.

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    Sorry to say, but you're competing with people who (at least on paper) also have a degree and more experience, and take home $2/hr.

    To get remote work, you'll either need to freelance, or sign on with a company that offers consulting services. Any company still hiring directly is going to want you to be in the same country, if not the same time zone. If you're significantly geographically remote, they'll want something they can claw back cost from without jurisdictional issues in the event you fail to deliver.

    Tldr: find a local consulting firm who will farm you out, that's the standard model
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    That’s tough. It’s just that I’ve seen some people bagging $100k/year in remote jobs, so I thought I could also try for something similar.

    Thanks though.
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    Sad to say that, but well this largely depends where you are from?

    Due to this corona bullshit there's never been so many remote positions open, especially in IT..
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    25$/h from india?

    That sounds very optimist, I doubt I can find that in Spain.
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    I’m just trying to keep my hopes up high. :)

    I totally get it’s not very realistic, so I negotiate to a lower amount if I can just get to that stage with some company
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    Agree with others here. The harsh reality is you'll get basically zero traction going down this route with just a couple of internships under your belt. Even with a lot more experience, it's not an easy ride at all.

    While many companies have softened to the idea of 100% remote work, training and keeping tabs on a junior remotely, from another country, possibly with another timezone is going to be a complete no-no. To put it another way - why would I as a hiring manager take you on, when I could grab someone with a similar level of experience for relatively cheaply here?

    As for some earning $100k+ in remote roles - sure, it's possible, but to command that sort of money you're talking about being at the top of your game in skills that are much harder to find. Those sorts of roles are rare.

    Should it be that way? No, idealistically speaking where you're born and raised should have no impact on your opportunities. But sadly, in reality we all know it does.
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    We could barely maintain a the Dev from another state in the country as remote. Let alone another country.

    Time zones play a major part in this as well, are you going to be a wake at 2am-5am and work inside the companies Timezone to be available for advice and unannounced meetings?

    Sure people can work remote, but they are rarely a junior, also, don't compare yourself to LinkedIn, we all know it's utter bullshit!
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    I see. That sounds about right.

    Anyway, I’ll just redirect my efforts towards something more productive.

    Thanks :)
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    I wouldn’t mind aligning myself to company’s time zone.

    But as others mentioned, a company won’t be too keen on hiring overseas due to risk and whatever reason they may have.

    It’s alright. It’s not my only option. I’ll figure something out. Just wanted to make sure to not leave any stones unturned you know :)
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    @gogokun I had >100k/year in san francisco. It's largely to offset the absolutely insane living costs there.

    I was still living pretty slim at the time. Rent was $2525/mo before utilities, and I was 30 minutes away and two forms of transporation from work.

    My second job was better to me but was a pay cut, and things were even harder.

    So yeah, it's not like other people are getting hella rich because of their salary - there's usually a reason why it's so high.
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