Ready for Slackforce.

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    $27M for a chat app... not bad
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    @netikras M? I thought it was Billion.

    This should be an interesting future for slack.
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    @C0D4 oh, my mistake :D

    tres comas
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    Buying other companies is how the execs at SalesForce get their Benioff
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    You become a lead, and you become a lead, EVERYONE BECOMES A LEAD.

    Speaking of, would you be interested in these products of our partners? Say no more, based on your message history, you could really need this and a sales rep of our partner will contact you soon!
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    How exactly should I ready myself?
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    So can we call that industrial espionage now or are we still pretending, that statistics data and the app are worth 27G$?
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    @Oktokolo No one is going to admit industrial espionage is a possibility because they would have to first admit that spying is a real thing and that it is bad.
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    I thought we would be over aknowledging the possibility of espionage in general.
    I mean, we know that every country does it.
    We also wouldn't have IP laws if we would assume it to not happening in the corporate world.

    The next step should be to aknowledge, that "the data" most often does not really mean "traffic analysis data" or "usage patterns" - but actually refers to "the newest battery cell chemistry designs they talked about in the chat recently and which some big competitor would surely pay a lot of money for".
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