How to piss off a server admin:

"<This> isn't working. Did something change?"
"Do you have an error message"?
"No, it just isn't working"

I hear this as: "Shit's broke. What did you do?"

Usually, it's PICNIC, PEBCAK, LNK or ID10T

But without at least an error message I refuse to go on a wild duck hunt. What changed on your end? Your IP address? Got a new workstation? Forgot your password or fat-fingered it?

IT users think a CPU is a crystal ball

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    LNK is new to me. What’s it stand for?
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    Also: tell them it’s a layer 8 issue. 😊
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    Choose: You take responsibility for no working production cause I have to take time to guide you or...
    You use the time waiting on me writing a full problem report so we can fix it fast together when I have time?
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    @Root Loose Nut on Keyboard
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    @Root That's also a good one!

    "That's a layer 8 issue"
    "Layer 8?
    "Yeah, as in the OSI model..."
    "Oh, you know...there are 7 layers in the standard OSI model. They range from the physical network all the way up to the Application at layer 7"
    "Ok...but what is layer 8?"
    "The user"
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    9 out of 10 reports I get are "For this system I only superficially understand, I just designed this half-assed feature in my head while pooping. According to my inflated ego it is so absolutely genius, that its absence should just be considered a bug"
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