The meeting that was supposed to be my onboarding. Their senior developer, the same shithead I ranted about for months, is too busy to talk to me. After several follow-ups by the manager, he asked if we can have a quick meeting. It was just a few minutes before the shift ended. He talked non-stop about shit I don't need or care about, occasionally throwing in some information that I do care about.

Me: "So which tools should I learn?"

Him: "This, this, and that. Actually, we want someone who already knows all of these but these are new so we <insert rollercoaster of passive-aggressive way of saying that they *settled* for me>." I'm the only senior here who knows all these stuff.

Blah, blah, blah..
I taught everyone you see outside this room and I passed the certification.

Blah, blah, blah..
I was actually surprised that you're here because I do the interviews but then I went on vacation and when I came back, you're here."

Just an hour of this "meeting" where it's 10% onboarding and 90% "look how great I am, you'll never be as senior as I am, and these people owe me their careers." It's like watching a really good documentary that's full of ads. You want the fucking juice, nothing but the juice, and you wish you can pay premium so bad.

Then he went on and on about office politics and how I should avoid that one manager he hates because he's a liar. It cut off there when someone entered the meeting room. After some time of working with him, I found out who the bad guy really is and apparently, the team was separated because of his drama.

The first person to talk so much shit to a newcomer is the most toxic person in the organization. People who should have left a long time ago.

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    sounds like a very long add with short episodes of that good documentary :)
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    Jesus when one the first thing the guy who's supposed to show you around and help get up to speed tells you you were not his first choice and he did not want to hire you, you can be pretty sure you will have a bad time.

    Why not just give a chance and try to work with what you have instead of being a defeatist and unorganised dumbass? It shows the leadership skills of an eggplant.
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    You know that scene from every horror movie when you're yelling at the screen, trying to warn the guy/girl to gtfo even though they won't?

    Yeah thats us right now. Dude gtfo of that company. You're walking into a horror show and you don't even know.
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    @valkn0t I talked to the manager like a true Karen instead and asked to be removed from that guy's team. All is good now and I never had to work with him again. My team mates are awesome and I'm learning so much. But thanks for the concern.
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    Sounds all too familiair. Last “senior” i joined with was full of shit and only complains about the previous frontender. He didn’t say shit he dindt do this he didnt do that. Great. Tell me more about how you hate my kind and consider yourself the best person in the world. Please go on while i leave this office
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    I met at least 2 of those kind of seniors... I could't agree more.
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