So either i am in a tight position and about to get fucked or everything is just in my head. Its been 3 months since i joined this company. sometime after joining, i was assigned to a core part of product say X, where me and 1 senior(say VV) would work on various tasks and bug fixes. I , being a fresher and junior would attend meetings alongside, the senior bosses would tag both of us in every task, but he and i would divide the tasks amongst ourselves .

I would usually get smaller tasks that i would spend some time with, finish up in 3-4 hours and then make a PR for his review. he would work on larger bugs, fix them and make the build.

Everything was fine until 1 day, he calls quits and is now leaving the job in a week . Now am not sure how this all is gonna fare out. the code he use to write was … very different for the lack of better words and even though i have a rough idea of how code is working, there are huge gaps in my knowledge .

I don’t know how company is gonna play this out. would they be hiring new senior dev? would they be expecting me to fix stuff as “YWTF knows the code as he have worked alongside VV on it” . because in the latter, am truely shitting my pants because am not ready for this !!

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    Well, you can in theory play it out to own advantage, but brace yourself as it dosent sound like its gonna be easy on you.

    Good luck, buddy.

    And dont believe u fucked or sth, becouse human is weird creature that what he believes, it slowly becomes, so if you believe u fucked, u will get self fucked.
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    Surely, they would hire a replacement senior dev, but I think I kinda get what you're saying about the codebase's 'uniqueness'. If the company isn't asking questions or even batting an eyelash at a senior dev leaving with little to no documentation, then that's a red flag.

    -- at my last job, I was suddenly stuck managing (and learning how) the servers and cloud services were set up. It was a mess, but we got through it. I learned a lot from that experience. I'm glad I didn't lose hope when it felt like a trainwreck. Don't go into panic mode yet.
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    Agreed with @CatFoodParty, which is rare since green dots tend to be iffy. :D Set an avatar, yo.

    They should hire a senior dev to replace them. If they rely on a junior dev without consulting them on whether or not they think they can handle it, that's the company's fault when it inevitably fails.
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    Same thing happened to me in a previous job. I got left alone on the core project of the company after 2-3 months of being hired.

    This is what I focused on to be in control and to make it easier on new potential devs (if not already done):
    - making doc covering the usage, requirements and design of the project
    - defining levels of tests and test plans to cover the features
    - implement the tests gradually with the most business value. Focus on high level black box tests if you can.
    - organise tasks in order of priority and speak to stakeholders

    It takes time but expecting you to do everything without a ramp up would be stupid from a manager's point of view. Don't accept the pressure and just be organised.

    Don't be afraid to leave if they are being assholes. They need you more than you need them.
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    Thanks everyone. i talked some of my troubling thoughts with my tech lead and now am somewhat less worried. he says that i have to work on the left guy's tasks for the current sprint (!!!) but new joinings would be coming from next week (not sure how is that gonna play since i have been working for last 3 months and still 70% clueless about the codebase) . He also said that he and other people will be around if something comes up that is out of my knowledge.

    I just wish that i could go through each and every LOC and create a spreadsheet of a million questions mostly in the format : "why is it done like this way ? why can't we do it like that way?" . But i wouldn't be going forward this thought as its an incredibly irritating thing to answer lol
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