Is development supposed to be this stressful! ... I am juggling a full-time job and a part-time gig as a full stack developer. And I am sick and tired of constant tight deadlines, unrealistic expectations from the managers and owners.
I literally feel sick, constantly working 12+ hours a day. I thought only the initial year was supposed to be this overwhelming. But I am working professionally for almost 3 years now and I still feel overwhelmed, stressed because of this career.
Should I quit for a few months and continue my studies? Or should I just tough it out?

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    Well currently you’re asking for it.

    You should mofo specialize on one thing and do that one thing good and efficient.
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    @bagfox I did... I have focused on back-end. But it seems they want a unicorn developer who can do everything in an impossibly short time
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    This is how the field works. This is why senior engineers are often very grumpy, low-patience individuals.

    Hate to break it to you. If you ever find a job that isn't like this, stick with it.
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    @OliverTramp They keep on pushing that until you actually refuse it. They don’t understand what you’re actually doing.

    If you can’t make the deadline, let that be it. Your health is more important than a deadline.

    Don’t let them read those medium articles. They need to listen if you actually don’t make the deadline, otherwise they expect that you can still do faster.
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    @junon I disagree. All jobs have crunch times, but very few would have you in 12 hour days for 3 years straight as a “part time” developer.

    OP you’ve got 3 years professional dev experience. It’s time to brush up that resume and start job hunting. You alone are not going to be able to change that culture. Maybe you can if you are the only dev, but even then the executives have already formed these unrealistic expectations and it might be better to do a clean break.
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    Agreeing with @jeeper and @bagfox. And definitely @junon on the grumpy senior developer bit. Can confirm.

    But you’re also working two jobs. That’s a lot of added stress.
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    @Root I am planning on leaving one of the jobs. But at this point, I feel really burnt out and I feel like taking a break but I am afraid of not getting similar opportunities again if I quit both the jobs.
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    @OliverTramp I understand. Ask both for a vacation and leave whichever won’t grant it? 🙂

    Or whichever you think adds to your burnout more.
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    My 2 cents:

    - Push back on irrational deadlines
    - say no to unreal feature requests
    - ask for more defined tickets instead of accepting vague requirements

    If your product owner can’t handle it, find a job that can. It’s not worth your mental health if they don’t understand were all human.
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    @devphobe I just talked to my boss, the more I push the deadlines, the more he seems to push back. And giving me vague requirements doesn't help either.
    So, I also said to myself "fuck it, I'll do my best and push average code and let him learn from the experience that it doesn't help anyone when you push your developer into corner like that"
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    The third point is really the one I should work on most I think. I accept vague requirements and then over deliver, which I thinks makes them think that, the time it takes to write vague, one line feature requests is the amount of time it takes to push it to production lol
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    @OliverTramp a good product owner will add acceptance criteria to your ticket, and you can code solely to the criteria. If they want more, or even if you want to add more, it’s on a separate ticket.
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