I updated Windows 10 to the latest version, and now I get this:


h t t p s : / / w w w . t e n f o r u m s . c o m / i n s t a l l a t i o n - u p g r a d e / 1 3 8 1 8 6 - a u t o m a t i c - r e p a i r - l o o p - y o u r - p c - d i d - n o t - s t a r t - c o r r e c t l y . h t m l

The Startup Repair log file is located at:


Looking at that, it mentions at the end:

Root cause found:
Unknown Bugcheck: Bugcheck 133. Parameters = 0x1, 0x1e00, 0xfffff801206fb320, 0x0.

So far my best guess is, maybe a BIOS update will fix things..

Anyone else care to make any suggestions on what might be at fault ?

So far, asking in places with old crusty experts, their advice is, reinstall..

These seems a bit of a sledgehammer approach, and often the stock answer to every single Windows 10 problem..

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    I'm reminded that just about every Linux problem I've come across so far, I've only been able to solve by a fresh install !

    But then, I've not used Linux very long and barely know anything about it at all !

    I've just been asking experts, who tell me, reinstall !
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    if it's the 2004 update, a friend of mine had severe issues with it which turned out to be his overclocked RAM, since MS restricted ram overclocking in some way, even though the system was stable before
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    There are two ways to deal with Win 10 problems.

    1) If it's a company PC, call IT and tell them to fix it. Go drinking coffee in the meantime. It's not your problem.

    2a) If it's your private PC, install Linux.

    2b) If it's a family/friend PC, either offer to install Linux, or if they decline, say you don't know anything about Win 10 and leave them on their own.
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    I get similar issues with Linux..
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    @Nanos The trick is, if you want a Linux that just works, then install a distro that is aimed at end users. The idea is that if it works for that audience, it has to be hassle free.

    I recommend Mint 20 Cinnamon, though you won't score as many devRant points as with Arch, but if you can do without these points, it's a good choice.

    The only end user support request I got within months was when the user had accidentally deleted the panel (task bar )and couldn't get it back. Even that was easy to fix.
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    Yeah, its that update.

    Bog standard Dell laptop, been working fine for years.

    But, it could be a changed setting in the BIOS connected to the RAM !

    So, will investigate there.

    Interestingly its only when booting, 50% of the time..

    Once its booted, it can run for hours, days.. without issue.

    Then, reboot, and then its 4 hours doing auto-repair before you can use it..

    Then you never want to turn it off !

    But of course, being windows, it can't be used like that without falling over after a few days, or a week at best..

    Though, Windows 8.1 and every other version before that, could run for months or years without rebooting and not have an issue !

    But windows 10, oh no, it can't do that simple bloody task !

    "It's modern" !

    I wonder if the update, is related to:

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    @Fast-Nop actually, the last two should be 3a and 3b and in the secong spot should have:
    2)if it's personal PC and still under warranty, bring it into the shop, tell them to fix kt and go drink coffee.
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    @Nanos I think that really, if a fresh system works without too much configuration, with Linux reinstal may be the best way to go, but rarely is it the only way to fix shit
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    So you can see the whole URL and decide if its worth clicking on our not, without having to mouse over the URL to see it fully.

    Saves a bit of time and RSI for everyone else. :-)

    Also means, like in many systems, if you copy and paste the text, you actually do get all the URL information, and not just a the first bit and some ...
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    I take a URL like this:


    I copy and paste it into notepad, to avoid formatting issues..


    Then starting on the left I press right arrow with a finger or thumb on my right hand, then spacebar with a finger or thumb on my right hand, repeat.

    Keeping said digits above their keys so I don't have to move them far away, just up and down repeatedly.

    Getting this:

    w w w . t e s t . c o m

    Back to this:


    Copy and paste it into an empty notepad document / file, then "Replace" menu option, "Find What" is a space, "Replace With" nothing !

    Then it takes out all the spaces.
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    Such an approach also tends to defeat most censorship software..
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    @Nanos All it ensures it that nobody will click your links, especially not folks on mobiles.

    It's a trash idea.
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    Why will no one click on the links ?

    I mean, the purpose of it, is actually to save folk clicking on a link to find out no more information than is contained in the link itself.

    But I'm not sure I understand what you are getting at !
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    Yeah, well, if there was an easy simple way of doing it in Windows, I'd use that, but as I'm not aware of one..

    And it doesn't take long to rattle it out.
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    Do you mean, you think the link is a one off, and not a copy of the link right above it ?

    Both are the same..

    The top one is clickable, the one underneath it, isn't, its to let you know, what the above link is, without you having to mouse over to see what it is.
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    @Nanos Because nobody will do that amount of work just for a click (even worse on mobiles). It's not like it would lead to free blackjack, coke, and hookers.
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    You do know I'm talking about two identical links ?




    h t t p : / / w w w . t e x t . c o m
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    About the only time you will want to decode this link:

    h t t p : / / w w w . t e x t . c o m

    Is if you have copied and pasted it because you want to keep a copy, because if you copy and paste the ordinary link from the page, rather than from the URL, you end up with:


    Kinda thing, with the end missing.

    So, for most folk, its just about saving them having to mouse over a long URL to find out what it is, and determine if they really want to click on it or not, since often the very words used in the URL are enough to figure out, you don't need to !

    For example:


    You probably don't need to click on that. :-)
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    Did a BIOS update, which wasn't as easy as you imagine..

    Since, first, the BIOS update file is no longer available..

    So took a while to hunt that down !

    Then it needed several updates, and because there was no battery, it complained..

    biosupdate.exe /forceit

    Solves that one..

    And now, after a dozen reboots, W10 plays nicely !

    And updated fine.

    Hurray !

    Reminds me of the old days when you had to fix things without the internet !
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    BIOS updates right out of Windows... that's playing with fire. Don't do that shit.
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    I did it via DOS !


    > Create bootable USB drives the easy way
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    FX [ Wonders where F1973 went to.. ]

    Now my archaeological history is damaged !

    If only a copy was saved somewhere..

    Now I know it felt when The Great Library of Alexandria in Alexandria, Egypt burned to the ground..
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