It's Saturday and I'm writing documentation. I enjoy doing it and it feels good knowing that others would read it and find it useful. It feels like a better kind of revenge against all the shit documentation I've ever had the misfortune of reading in my entire life. Also, it benefits me because I'm a forgetful person. It doesn't matter if I worked on something for several years, if I'm not working on it now, I don't know what it's about.

It happened many times that a colleague asked me about something, I said I don't know, and they replied, "Yes, you do, it says here that you're the author." Over time, I improved and started saying "I don't remember, let me check" instead. But if you have an annoying colleague who doesn't remember the shit they made some time ago, it's probably me.

I'm 69 years old, please forgive me. I'm dying soon. Always remember me.

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    I also like documenting everything because it makes everything clear and solid. Sadly my colleagues are not eager readers so most of the time it's just me doing tge good old RTFM if they don't invest time reading the appropriate docs
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    Hey you stole that last line from me! Give it back!
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    Old programmers never die, they just fade into the ether...net
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    @xcodesucks Old coders never die. They just disassemble
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    @RememberMe Hahaha. I thought about you when I wrote it.
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    You enjoy writing documentation?

    I'd hire people solely on that basis if given the choice 😁
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    I used to write documentation but no one except me reads them.

    Now I don't even have time to write docs... Just write notes or comments for myself that just answers: what does this do again?

    Which reminds, I need to write a doc on a big feature I built this year... Sometime this month... When I have time.. and still remember...

    But I don't think anyone will read them unless I leave the team...

    I'm too young still to retire...
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    I so despise it when I find a repository without a README in our corporate workspace, I mean what the fuck is this even
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    @alexbrooklyn no readme, no doc, no comments and no docstrings makes me wanna punch a grizzly bear out of pure anger.

    Then you ask the person why or try to implement best practices and you get the good old "my code is self explanatory".
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    @PepeTheFrog ask them in a few months since they last committed to explain a specific function.
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