Non-dev *random* annoyance:

Today in leave me the fuck alone, establishments have opened but social distancing still applies so don't go around approaching me while I mind my own damn business waiting for a car.

I rarely go out unless I have to pick-up food or buy groceries but there is this place I visit once every few months. I don't loiter in the streets, at the mall, or anywhere. I get out of the apartment, go straight to a specific place, do whatever I went there for (store - buy groceries, salon - get a haircut, etc.) and then go home. In short, I limit my time outside even before this whole pandemic so people don't get a chance to talk to me about shit I don't care about.

I thought it was perfect. I've been to this place a couple of times now but this time, it was different. The car pulls over in front of the salon. I get out and was walking straight towards the door when this random guy in front of the hotel nearby starts talking to me "Hey, where are you going?" Confused, I pointed out to the door in front of me then went in. After an hour, I got out, booked a car, and waited for it to arrive. Same guy approaches me and starts up the shittiest excuse of a small talk.

Guy: "Did you go there?" (points at the salon)

Me: *nods*

Guy: "Did you get a <insert random service that my brain filtered out 'cause I don't care>?"

Me: (no answer but internally, "I got a happy ending and had my balls trimmed, what do you want?")

Guy: "What are you doing here?"

Me: (polite but cold, signalling that there's nothing to talk about) "I'm waiting for a car."

Guy: "What address did you put for this place?" *moves closer and starts looking at my phone screen*

Me: "This building. It's fine. I've been here a couple of times." *walks a couple of feet away*

Guy: "Oh no, you should put this blah blah street instead because that one is on the other side."

The fuck do you mean, man? You saw my fucking pin, it's right there and like I said, I've been here before.

Me: "No, no, it's arriving." *starts ignoring every other attempt he makes to start a conversation*

Guy: *starts mumbling about how I put in the wrong street*

Car arrives, I ignore the guy and walk straight to it.

Guy: "Oh, that's you." *mumbling other shit like we're good friends parting ways*

I know some of you will say that maybe he's just trying to help and I'm being a cunt. First of all, I already told him that I've been to this place several times and I know where I'm going. Second, an old lady got out of a car at the time I said I didn't need help but I didn't see him talk to that woman once or try to help her.

You can say that maybe he's lonely and in desperate need for a conversation. I don't care. It's not my responsibility to talk to random people just because they feel lonely especially when they're hassling me and not following the social distancing rule at all.

You can go ahead and preach that I should be kind but I think I've been kind enough not to lash out and stay polite with this guy even when he was already being rude asking questions that are none of his business. I'm just so stressed out and annoyed that people in general seem to never leave me in peace. It doesn't matter if I go out or not, be on social media or not, nothing works. I just hate people in times like this and wish most of them would turn into cats.

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    I like being helped.

    But no - means no.

    No does not mean "explain to me why I'm wrong from your point of view".

    No means: "Halt die Backen..." (Hold your cheeks - shut the fuck up)...
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    Agreed, I'd also like to turn everyone into pussies
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    Yikes, why can't people just stay the fuck away?
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    You could've told him to piss off in varying degrees of politeness if you found it disturbing.
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    @Elyz This would be a unofficial crime in Denmark, and i would wish execution could be justified.

    1. Dont go near strangers.
    2. Dont talk to strangers.

    Honestly being a ugly male is the best, no one is ever going to approach, to talk about some random bullshit i couldnt give a fuck about.
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    @Frederick Oh, in Sweden it's an official crime
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    @ScriptCoded Execute them with fire
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    @Frederick Nono, you get the stare. The Swedish stare. Nothing's as painful as the Swedish stare.
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    You swing between neutral or cunt. I rate leaning neutral for this time.
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    What an annoying bug 😱
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