Why do people, especially online influencers make such a big deal about having gaps in your work experience? I have never faced any issues finding work due to few months of gaps in between my work. I think considering the nature of our work, everyone should take at least 2 months off every year or every 6-8 months. That could mean taking leave or just quitting job and taking some rnr and then resuming work in another job. Also, what this deal about your next job asking about your last salary?! I mean, if you interview me and if I am right fit, what does my current expectation has to do anything with my last salary?

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    Last salary... Nope. No. Hell no. Never answer that.

    Regarding gaps: Well. It makes you look like you are unable to socialize with your work environment and have integrity.

    or in short: you're a quitter. unreliable. asocial at worst.
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    Yes, I tried not answering that. But their explanation is that they have a budget and they want to make sure I fit in that budget or not. I personally think that's a load of bullshit.
    So, what you are saying is no employer can ask for my last salary information or any documentation regarding that during my interview process? hmm...Interesting...

    Well, yes. But if I have finished projects successfully and then moved on to another company after that then I don't see why that makes an issue. And also, isn't it better to just quit a job than to get fired?
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    @OliverTramp What kinds of projects would that be if they can be finished successfully within 6-8 months? You also have to subtract the time for full onboarding from that.

    If an employer sees in your CV that you quit every year or even faster, you're not a good fit for anything else than junior duct tape jobs. The usual conclusion is that there's something wrong with you.
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    I won't hire if I see a lot of "casual" jobs. Aka: 6-12 months, your just an in/out kind of guy or contractor at best.

    If I want someone short term, I'll go hire a contractor, not a full timer I need to train up, get deep insights into the business/platforms and then piss of 12 months later.
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    > your next job asking about your last salary?!

    You don't have to tell the truth do you ?

    "Yeah, it was $200k.."
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    I think its a way to check if you have done any prison time.
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    But it could be they keep finding shit companies to work for and leave..

    Or they keep going bust..
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    @Fast-Nop Well...If someone has better opportunities why won't they leave. I don't see any point of grinding at a shit job and turning down better opportunities just because you don't want to ruin your "perfect" cv.

    I have had my fair share of experience of being on the both side of the table and in my job bunt experience, I have never had any employer reject because of my gap. And even with all the gap clearly shwon on linkedin, employers still reach out to me. That was one of the reason I was wondering what is this big deal about having gap. I mean I don't think in this day and age you can go that long without switching job anyway. Life happens, people fall sick. People sometimes leave job to pursue higher studies or just travel. I don't find it necessary to rot away at a job I don't like just for the sake of the cv. I think I'll let my work and skills do the talking during the next interview
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    I'm reminded where I lived once, where some jobs, wouldn't even entertain hiring you if you had any gaps for 5 years previous employment !

    Quite how the unemployed are ever going to get jobs in situations like that, I don't know !

    Also, many jobs also had at least two language requirements..

    Maybe that is why an ex of mine got a job, since she knew 4 languages and had never been unemployed since leaving school !

    Of course, now she has been unemployed for about 9 years, since the last company she worked for went bust and she never got another job..
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