I just spent 3 hours debugging my 3D printer.
The issue was that the lines extruded werent the exact size as i needed. So the first thing. Esteps for extruder are wrong. I checked 4 times. They were spot on. So i continued searching for the issue. Some belts were looser than i liked. Fixed that. Some bolts were loose. Fixed that. I retry the print. Still same issue. At this point i had no clue what could be wrong. Then i checked esteps again with metal meter. That old ones. Not the electric ones. HOLY SHIT.
5mm off underextruding. I fix it. Reprint and its absolutely perfect.

Now how can a tool that i paid 80$ for thats supposed to have 0.01mm+- accuracy be 5mm off ?
Weird thing is that its exactly 5mm. So now i will never use those ones for precise things cause damn thats a lot of slack.

Point being triple check that the tool you are using is actually correct and precise when doing something like this.

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