Yall ever have that boss who was an engineer for so long that he forgot how to work with people but somehow he convinced the bigger boss to let him take a leadership position and now he just uses that position to demand all the shitty changes people wouldn't let him do while he was an engineer because they were shitty changes because he now thinks of himself as dictator-in-chief.

I have that.

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    I've worked mostly with bosses who were business majors or barely amateur engineers for 2-5 years, failed upwards into management and now sit around telling everyone their code was immaculate and no bugs existed back in their day.
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    hehe why does it feel like my future self ? only except my changes might not be as shitty as you describe, but yeah i would love to take on the direction role for a million $ project with stupid code everywhere that am currently not allowed to make changes to
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    @ExcellentSP That is unfortunate. He should continue being an individual contributor. Companies need to realize that climbing the ladder shouldn’t always lead to being a manager. Some people should still get a promotion and raise and stay as a Principal Engineer. Not everyone is meant to manage others. To manage well, empathy and consideration for others is needed. Dictatorship is never the way to go. It’s just an abusive display of power. And he will be unsuccessful this way.
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