"It's so hard to find someone to have an intellectual conversation with. I love philosophy but no one at work understands me."

Their philosophy: "sOmEtImEs pEoPlE cHaNgE.."

SHUT the fuck up.

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    I can totally picture this happening at my last workplace:

    "Is it really fair what we are doing? Should we just change and do something better for the people? Most of the times I ask myself if I should quit this toxic relationship which is work"

    X: "that's what she said"

    Me, in my mind: "I just lost some iq"
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    As a response to *their philosophy* - I'll just leave some droppings here that don't actually contribute to the conversation topic but might bring a smirk or two...

    Note: that's from Fallout series in case you don't know the reference...
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    I should have added "Them:" before the first sentence but what the heck.
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    Nietzsche once said that you should have at least 2/3 of your day to yourself for leisure and pleasure. If your don't then you are a slave.

    He also divided society into masters and slaves your colleagues are showing obvious signs of slave mentality, you on the other hand have the opportunity to become a master by not giving a fuck about them.

    I also like philosophy.
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    @cervantes01 this is interesting to know, thanks.
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    @cervantes01 that's interesting because it leaves no time, considering you sleep for 1/3rd of the day.
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    @camel I'm sure Nietzsche factored sleep into that but it's hard to say for sure as he wrote in aphorisms a lot. In other words we should all be our own masters.
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