ugh. sometimes i think am not at all made for this dev work. bugs upon bugs are piling up in my stream, and i can't even find the root cause to why is something happening.
the only way for me to find that would be to rewrite whole classes and that would also introduce more bugs and probably make tech lead mad.

Testers are asking for test build, managers are putting more and more new tasks on me.

In the daily standup chat, people are writing what new bugs they fixed today, and here i am, writing what new bugs i haven't started even working upon :(

Tomorrow they might be calling some legend senior out of other stream and putting alongside me, who is gonna magically found the root cause of the problem and add a spiderweb fix to already patched piece of code hanging on thin threads. fuck

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    yepp so even devrant has abandoned me and my miseries ;''(
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    Ouch! That’s a tough spot. Hopefully you can ask them to slow down a bit unless they’re going to be dicks and say “what u can’t handle ur work”
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