Almost a full week without a decent sleep. I fall asleep as soon as work ends for maybe two hours then wake up in the middle of the night. I work again, procrastinate, lie down and try to sleep just to fail in taking my mind off work. A few blinks later, the sun is shining and I can finally sleep without much progress. Two hours or less later, alarm goes off, I attend the standup and do the same shit all over again.

I've been trying to finish as much as I can before going on vacation but there has been some critical issues that I had to prioritize and now I feel like that's not gonna happen. What's gonna happen if I don't finish these before going on vacation? Am I getting a bad review? Am I getting fired? I know I finished all the critical ones but I hate the sight of tickets on my plate although it's expected. It's like seeing a plate with food on it except they don't expire or do they? I like to keep my plate clean although that makes no sense because there should always be work in the queue so I'm pretty much stressing myself out for no reason. See, I know that but I can't stop.

I'm also stressed out with all the requirements I need for my vacation and scared that something would go wrong and it wouldn't happen at all. I need this badly. I am losing my mind in my small apartment shoebox and this fucking city. I want to stay somewhere where trees exist and the people are few.

I am exhausted.

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    Get you some weed 😁
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    @SortOfTested Maybe next year I can fulfill my dream of becoming a fulltime stoner and merge with my sofa forever. :D
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    AMD is there to help you! Get a decent Ryzen or maybe even Threadripper and count cores. In your case, better choose one with SMT and count logical cores.
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