Word-Docu series :

The pandemic has made people WFH across the world. Humans, like other species are meant to find love by visual process. Pandemic has made it more worse making it virtual.

Now, what if there was male developer and female tester. The communication is limited, say once a week. But those communications spark the male's oxytocin levels. Emojis are used frequently in communications. Alas! All this is in official chat not other social media platforms.

In another situation, the female once proceeded to ask the male's phone number in official chat. Telephoned the male and explained the testing results she was expecting. The same could have been achieved in chat or by adding a offical meeting through chat application. This again sparked the nale's Oxytocin levels. This incident happened only once for fate had different story in store as the male and female were separated by different tasks for now. Developer developing something entirely different than what Tester would test.

Also the female's profile, keeps popping up in Instagram's "People you may now". Thus everytime the male opens Instagram he sees the female's face only to fall into more confused state of whether to send follow request or not.

The male species in this world have forever been locked into the world of "send request", "get accepted" and "get ignored". So our male speciman feels bit down, and discouraged when he thinks of taking the route to catch up with the female.
As with all female species, this too has a private account.

Thus, in this short documentary we see that all singles are stuck with less options than they had before.

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