Yesterday I actually did something I've been asked. It needed two PR, one in my main codebase, and one in the core module. Today I receive a comment from the lead saying "it's not working, have you tested it?".

Yes, of course, dumbass I tested it. I clearly stated it needed another PR to be merged first and you'd know if you actually had read that PR body instead of just shitting all over my work like you've been doing from the last year.

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    Where's the unit/int test though? Manual testing doesn't count.
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    @WeAreMany I already proposed a thousand fucking time to improve coverage because they pushed us to perform without it. I've been told "we still have bugs to fix". Cfr my countless other rants about that subject, now if they think I'm gonna give any fuck about tests they can go fuck themselves.
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    They blamed me because I took a week to refactor something to be more easily and thoughtfully tested. Fuck them.
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    @ostream fuck them.
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    Sounds unhealthy
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    Thank you guys for the support <3
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