I occasionally have to use a win7 PC at work for a legacy project.
It might just be nostalgia talking but I have to say it is a much more enjoyable experience than win10.

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    Windows 7 had less cruft. It was better and didn't get in your way.
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    Windows 10 feels like a bought-and-paid billboard for Microsoft bullshit.

    Windows 7 at least respected me as a user.
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    You probably already know, but https://open-shell.github.io/Open-S... helps with the billboard shit.
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    I still like Windows 7 - the last operating system for PCs made by Microsoft.
    Too bad they are a cloud service company now...
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    Win 10 feels like some merged 8 and 7 together.
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    I think Windows 7 was and still is the best Windows OS that has been around so far. Besides XP, of course. They'll never reach or overcome Windows 7. And that is something i'm pretty happy with. I guess M$ will sooner or later stop Windows and more and more devs will develop for Linux. The only thing that's keeping me around with Windows (at least in a Dualboot) is gaming. But that's also gonna change at the time.
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